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[Guide] Enterprise: A CV specialized against… cruisers?

WorldOfWarships1 - [Guide] Enterprise: A CV specialized against... cruisers?

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Your ACT Score - [Guide] Enterprise: A CV specialized against... cruisers?



So, people have said current Enterprise is bad, shit, gets really low damage games, or some combination of both. I (not so respectfully) disagree. If you get such results consistently, you likely either don't know how to play her which is understandable… or are just bad, in which case you deserve to get such bad results.

…. Now, if you had not ragequitted the thread in anger after clicking the downvote button and made it to this point, congratulations, because this is where the guide really starts.

*Stiff Competition?

At T8, Enterprise is in the position to compete with many other CVs, and thus when compared to stuff like Lex and Saipan which are the most infamous cases of whacking DDs with HEDBs, she can seem underwhelming with seemingly normal torppower, APDBs that cannot whack DDs, and rockets that are not that good.

Can she do anything about it?

However, what IS unique to her, is her really fast aircraft replenishment rate. This means that you need to keep attacking with her squads, and use her well. You can afford to lose an entire rocket squad (12 planes) when they get recovered entirely in less than 9 minutes.

The Squads

Rockets: you will be targetting mainly DDs OR cruisers with them; low fire chance and meh salvo power mean you are using these squads if you need a quick decap… or if other options are not available. They're not that good even against DDs, but they're the best you got.

Torpedo bombers: Now, this is where the ship gets much rosier. On the surface, you would think "hey, aren't these just crappier lex TBs?" and you'd be almost right… until you try them; these torp bombers aim really fast and also have fast arming time… so unlike other USN CVs that encourage you to straightline at the enemy like certain people would do in a USN cruiser… this one can actually move around and nail cruisers quite well. They can also hit DDs in a pinch if you set up a drop at the right time.

AP Dive Bombers: This is the real wildcard, and probably the one thing that causes people to take a look at it and go "why the fuck is this thing so shit?!". Aircraft wise, they're the same as lex HEDBs, just with 2x APDBs each instead of HEDBs. Well, unlike normal IJN APDBs, these APDBs actually drop a non-laughable payload per attack run. The kicker is, the reticle is larger, and it doesn't cit BBs with a modern armor profile (NC, Yamato, those kinds). However, they WILL cit older BBs (Bisko, Hood, Nagato, etc) and cruisers just fine. This means you will need to adopt a playstyle quite similar to the old Enterprise with APDBs (which I disliked), but since enemy CVs don't have strafes… whats stopping you? Walk up to the nearest cruiser and drop him for cits.



As you can probably glean by this point, Enterprise squads are not exactly versatile, so you NEED to plan your attacks very well. If you see that the MM has lots of cruisers, get ready to use your APDBs. If lots of DDs, rockets, etc etc etc. The easiest way to fail in an Enterprise is to NOT have a squad ready when you need it. If you go in and try to bomb a Yamato with a APDB squad, you're wasting your time. Another thing you would have noticed by now is that her DoT capability is pitiful. Most of your damage will be from alpha, so keep that in mind! There are no HEDBs for you to fall back on!

Because of all these weird factors, Enterprise, instead of targetting BBs or DDs, is actually the best for attacking cruisers, especially in bottom tier games. Specifically, island camping cruisers. Trading a 2/3 or full squad for a drop on a DM that will take off 20-30% of his HP is honestly a good move if it sticks. Have you tried taking out a T10 BB using only the TBs? It's going to take forever now that floods are practically a joke.

As a bonus, since she can definitely send off many attacks without too much concern of running out, she is well suited for picking off weakened targets with her rockets (or really, any squad you have thats not completely trashed). Their pen is 27 mm… so again, most cruisers will eat HE pen damage from you.

Overall, no DoT farming for you, and you had better learn how to use those AP bombs or you'll suck… Unlike other T8 CVs, you actually want to consider attacking T10 cruisers. You got the torps, you got the APDBs, so why not give it a try?


Captain skills:

  • Improved Engine Boost
  • Aircraft Servicing Expert
  • Improved Engines
  • Torpedo Acceleration
  • Adrenaline rush (faster planes in AA for the few seconds can be the difference between a successful attack and a premature wipe)
  • Survivability Expert
  • Aircraft Armor
  • Sight Stabilization (you want those APDBs to aim as quickly as possible; early drops are profitable).

Ship Upgrades:

  • Air Groups Mod. 1
  • Aircraft Engines Mod.1
  • AA Mod.1 (attack time is not useful IMO)
  • Torpedo Bombers Mod. 2 (your most versatile squad; you will want these guys to survive.)
  • Flight Control Mod. 1 (you need every aircraft edge you can get).

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