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WorldOfWarships1 - Hardcore mode

Most other games usually have some sort of hardcore mode, which enables the game to be more challenging and less forgiving. My experience with WOWS is that a hardcore mode would be a welcome and needed change to the game, especially for the players out there looking for a real challenge. My clan is almost not playing WOWS any more, and this is not only because of CVs. There has been a long time with changes aiming to please the general population of WOWS, ignoring the wishes of competetive players.

Let me give you some ideas how this could be implemented in WOWS:

1.Separate mode, similar to random games called "Hardcore mode". Maybe some requirements like 1500+ randoms games played, to enable the playing mode for each user.

  1. Tier X only + no CVs allowed

  1. Map decreasing in size after some timer, like in halloween event

  1. Map border surfing will damage your ship by x% a second

  1. Remove or tweak the "battleship gap" torp spread

  1. Spotting damage should count as much as actual damage when calculating base XP

  1. Global change all classes in "Hardcore mode": Improved vertical dispersion by a value anti-proportional to gun size

  1. Battleship gun range decrease in "Hardcore mode": Primary guns get 20% less range

  1. A cap on how many ships with radar consumable added per game. 3 per side?

Explanation of the ideas:

1.Why a separate mode? Most salty remarks and grief is caused by too big difference in skills between players in the same battle. Maybe by creating different modes, the skill gap will be less.

  1. Tier X is one of the best balanced tiers in the game. I suggest to not allowing CVs because of their ability to spot entire enemy team with ease. In a competetive game, most of the battle is won by tactics, concealment and the element of surprise, therefore I think CVs should not be allowed in Hardcore mode.

  1. There is a lack of incentive to force players to play aggressive at times. I think a welcome change would be some mechanic to make the "snipers" play more central in the map, instead of 20+ km from their target.

  1. Same as above.

  1. Remove battleship gaps on torps. Not a big change. Just decrease gaps by some small margin (maybe).

  1. Spotting value is underrated in the final results, and need a buff.

  1. Any ship in a "good" position, should be rewarded by having better dispersion. The same applies to a cruiser or a DD. "Hardcore mode" should in general be more punishing compared to random games.

  1. The goal here is to force BBs closer to the core of the fight. The better dispersion is there to balance out the loss of range.

  1. There are in general too many radar ships out there. Maybe put a cap on how many ships with radar consumable added per side. Not the most important change, but a welcome change.

I know for my part this would spark some life into a game I love. Without this kind of mode, I'm afraid this game will become more and more arcadey and appealing only to random Joes out there, playing a game or two on some weekends. This is by all means not bad. But all my competetive friends are leaving the game at the moment, and again, not only because of CVs.

Further suggestions and comments are of course welcome!

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