World of Warships

Haunted Hood: Part 2/2. Inspired by SuperDan000

WorldOfWarships7 - Haunted Hood: Part 2/2. Inspired by SuperDan000

Welcome back to Haunted Hood. In the previous chapter, Hood didn't believe in ghosts, but after entering an area where she wasn't welcome, she is starting to think otherwise. But tonight, Hood is going to have a second attempt to patrol the haunted area, with destroyers by her side. But will all go as planned? Onto the story.

Hood was assigned with 4 new British destroyers. They were Gallant, Icarus, Cossack, and Lightning. Despite the reinforcements, Hood still felt sceptical on going back to the haunted area. But her captain told her, "Your the Mighty Hood, you can do this". Hood kept this in mind and when nightfall came, her 24 Yarrow boilers were simmering nicely and she was excited. Suddenly, an owl hooted, and then Iowa, who was on a speed trail at 33 knots, thundered by, catching Hood off guard. "Oh look, the Mighty Hood of all ships is spooked!” said Cossack and the other destroyers giggled childishly. "Be quiet!“,snapped Hood, “I'm not scared". But deep inside her hull, she was. She moved with the convoy nervously out to sea.

A little later, the green fog came down. As they approached the same area, they saw the glowing mountains again. "Here we go", said Hood's captain. Then, unbeknownst to Hood, giant catapults started flinging balls of fire and the pre-dreadnought wrecks started glowing green, rose up and started moving towards the convoy. The destroyers had seen all, and they were spooked too. "Help! Help! There are ghosts about!" "Stop! Stop!" yelled Hood, but she could do nothing to stop the destroyers fleeing.

She opened fire at the undead ships, but she was so scared, her guns were shaking, throwing the shells off target. Now she started flanking for her life from the, now firing, undead warships and posessed catapults. The mysterious ship from the previous night watched her go by.

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Ahead of Hood, was a giant island with a castle on top. Hood couldn't stop in time and ran aground. The zombie ships closed in on their prey. "Don't take me!" wailed Hood, and she shut her eyes, waiting for the end. Suddenly, there was a series of explosions, followed by a long silence.


Hood opened her eyes, and saw the undead pre-dreadnoughts sunk and burning. She then noticed the skull ship from before coming towards her. Her captain, looked through his binoculars and recognised the captain on the bridge of the oncoming vessel. "That's our ghost", he laughed, "It's Captain Russianbias on Imperator Nikolai. I know because my mates tell me he sails Nikolai." Both Nikolai and her captain were very cross. "We tried to warn you about the Zikasas, why didn't you pay attention?" asked Captain Russianbias. "We're sorry if we ignored your warning" said Hood's captain, "We didn't know what Zikasas were". Nikolai explained. "Zikasas are Mikasas that I have killed resurrected by the power of Russian bias to protect the place Serb banished me to for being OP. If I shoot one, they all blow up, it only works for me, since Serb controls them. The same method of creation also applies to the catapults".

"But why do you look so scary", asked Hood nervously. "It's my Halloween costume dumb comrade", scoffed Nikolai, "I call it Rasputin. Dear Lenin Hood, your negative reviews are making you really paranoid and soft in the bridge". Hood felt very silly. "Thanks for saving me though", she said quietly, "Is there anything we can do to repay you?" "I'd like to see what Russia is like now in this game", she replied,"I want to see its newest and stronkest ships. I promise I won't spook Hood.”

And in a little while, Imperator Nikolai's wish was granted. She was visited by the new ships, Kronshtadt, Stalingrad and her cousin Oktyabryskaya Revolutsiya on for a reunion party in her islands. Even SerB visited the party and concluded it by saying, "Lets have a big thank you for the stronkest but friendliest 'ghost' in World of Warships". With that, everyone cheered, captains and ships alike, especially Hood who was happiest of all.

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Thanks to everyone for reading this story. I thought it would be nice try something new. My inspiration for this story came from SuperDan000, who makes lots of stories about warships and their adventures, like the Kaga Saga, the Kitikami Chronicles or Danae Phantom. But anyway, I hope you have enjoyed this story.


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