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I've had WOWS since 2018 but it's been collecting dust until the past two weeks or so. I'm playing more on random against other humans as opposed to co-op. I've got Algerie, Aigle, De Grasse, and Dunkerque in the French line that I'm using heavily right now.

With their speed, low hit points, and fast if weak guns, I've been treating all of them like overgrown destroyers. Push ahead for a cap, fade back, try and use islands for cover or slip into someone's smoke. It's uh, not working great.

With Aigle, I've tried running ahead to smoke and cap, but even bow-on to an enemy I get found and killed fairly quickly. One battle I took the long way around the map, keeping out of radar range, and pounced on the enemy CV but the match ended before I delivered the killing blow. Other times I hold back at half throttle, follow others to see what they're doing, or creep along islands. Whenever I get sighted though, I get deleted pretty fast. Honestly the moment I'm most proud of is rushing out of cover with engine boost on to reach an ally BB that was getting smashed. I hauled alongside and smoked up to hide them, then turned and let loose a spread of torpedoes to get the enemy to change course for a few moments. The BB lived, but I got blown up while attempting to reach cover again.


De Grasse is a fun cruiser in many respects. Fast, and I've gotten used to the extra lead needed to hit targets. But man, AP just bounces like mad and HE doesn't start many fires. Again, once I'm caught in an exposed position I'm gone fast.

Algerie is my highest ranked ship which puts me against much higher ranked opponents. If I hang way back and just take potshots I might survive the match, but I'm not out there churning out the damage. My biggest sin here seems to be turning around to open the range too late and getting smashed while circling back.

Dunkerque – I like the ship for being a fast oddball, but man. If I shoot at a ship that's coming bow-on, I might hit it with one shell out of four, or I might miss it entirely. When an enemy presents their broadside it's better, landing 2-3 out of the 4 shell shot, but the lateral dispersion surprises me. The speed just seems to get me into trouble, and enemy cruisers and destroyers just rip my hull up.

I've got a Dallas in the American line but I don't seem to do much better there so I'm confident it's a captain failing rather than the ships themselves. One thing I like about Dallas is the increased AA fire, seems to help keep me alive longer when there's an enemy CV on the map.

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