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Help me pick my next T10 please!

WorldOfWarships7 - Help me pick my next T10 please!

I've been saving up exp so that I can progress pretty far (T8 or T9) into a tree without too much need to grind it out (I'm really not a fan of low tiers, and feel that I'm experienced enough to jump straight in). I'll include a list of my current T10s, what I like/dislike about them, and which T10s I'm considering grinding out and why. By all means though, if you wanna recommend a ship that I didn't include based off of what I like, then please do!

I currently have:

  • Des Moines: This was my first ever T10, and I got it a long time ago. Initially I didn't like it much, mostly because of it's thin armor and high-sitting citadel, but as I've gotten better, I've began to enjoy it much more. I'm able to do average or better damage most games. I do enjoy the dakka dakka play style, but island sitting does get kind of boring. Plus, I've played BBs- I know how frustrating it can be.
  • Kremlin: My second T10 (I stopped playing for a while). I really enjoy the Kremlin. I like it's tankiness, the punchiness of its guns, and its overall appearance (great job art department, once again). However, with the HE spam meta, I find that pushing just slightly too far, or getting a bad spawn, or a particularly heavy HE enemy flank can make this ship entirely unfun. I wouldn't mind it so much if I had better range, but 20 km is a bit short when compared to other T10 BBs. All-in-all, I enjoy the ship, but HE spam kills it for me sometimes.
  • Shimakaze: My third T10. This was my first experience with DDs, and I don't think I was very good at them when I got it initially. I often pushed too far and made positioning mistakes. I'm not a fan of the incredibly slow torps. The ship also feels clumsy. It's not very fast (compared to other DDs), has a wide turning circle, and a relatively slow rudder shift. I like how hard the torps hit, but find that more often than not, I can't hit much unless I'm sitting as close as I possibly can with 5.6 km detection. It also gets demolished by hybrid DDs and gunboats. Its guns are basically a joke, and not being able to not defend myself or hold my own against a majority of enemy DDs kills this ship for me.
  • Halland: My fourth, and most recent T10. Man, this ship is awesome. Good AA, and blistering fast torpedoes. I do probably about average damage in this ship, and find it hard to get crazy high damage numbers in it, but I do feel very consistent. Torps are much easier to land, its guns are pretty good, and its AA means it can actually kind of defend itself or allies from CVs. It is very slow though. So far, it's probably my favorite T10.

Right now, I'm considering these ships:

  • Petropavlosk: I like cruiser gameplay, and I feel like these offers a stark contrast to my DM. It's tankier, has bigger guns, and incredibly fast shells (which I've yet to play anything with). The allure of the 1km/s shells and 360 degrees of rotation is really enticing. Additionally, and this isn't a huge thing, but after months of grinding I'm getting pretty close to finally being able to get a unique commander and I've been considering Kuznetsov. I've heard with the commander rework, commanders will be able to specialize for one ship per class, so I'd be getting more out of him since I already have the Kremlin. Correct me if I'm wrong though.
  • Kléber: Man, this ship seems like a blast to play. Incredible torp arcs, long-lasting and fast engine boost (52-55 knots!), and a reload booster to boot! I think the Halland has made me a much more conservative and safer player when it comes to DDs, so I feel I may be up to the challenge of the Kléber. Demolishing broadside CLs and DDs is a plus.
  • Daring: I'm on the fence to even include this on the list, and it seems like a really good ship, but it just doesn't appeal to me all that much. It just seems kinda… plain, I guess? I really want a unique ship with a unique playstyle, and the Daring seems a little too vanilla for me.
  • Venezia: 36 knots, 15 barrels, SAP, and exhaust smoke? Seems pretty unique and cool to me. SAP seems to me as a very consistent ammo type. You may not be getting huge numbers or citadels, but it will consistently do good damage (except to chonky >50 mm bois). It also looks like a drift god with that tight turning circle, but long length- which is a plus?
  • Vermont: I'll start by saying I despise the Colorado. That ship is an absolute piece of garbage, and I never ended up getting the Montana because I hated it so much. I know the Vermont is similar to it, but it seems better. The biggest thing that's drawing me in is obviously the guns. 12x 457mm, with great USN dispersion and its range. I'm also about halfway through the Halsey campaign, so he'd be a great addition to the Vermont. Similarly to the Petro and Kuznetsov, it'd also be nice to have multiple ships to use him on.

So, what do you think? I know this was a pretty long post, but I'd really appreciate any suggestions or thoughts. If it helps, I'd say I'm an average, or slightly above average, player. I think I excel at aiming, and predicting, and am getting better at positioning. I have decent game-sense, I think too.

Thank you all in advance!

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