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Help please. How do I play around FDR as an IJN cruiser?

WorldOfWarships4 - Help please. How do I play around FDR as an IJN cruiser?

First, I'll preface this that I am NOT an amazing player, 52% win ratio with less than 700 games in, I am maybe average at best and mediocre at my worst. I make mistakes (Lots of them) but I do want to get better, but this really baffles me. I'm playing a Zao, I was doing doing pretty well, near full HP through out the fight as I tried to manage my HP pool. Towards the latter half of the game, I make the horrible mistake of getting caught broadside to the FDR's rockets (okay, fine, my fault for not paying attention), our team was falling apart as we were getting nuked one by one by a combination of FDR and just poor positioning by my team (fair enough, enemy surface ships outplayed us) on top of one of our BB's being AFK didn't help the situation. I catch these rockets full salvo, I can't dodge them, and she chunks me for almost 30% of my HP then the squadron gets recalled. Sweet, I think I'm in the clear for at least a little while and I immediately use a heal, but then she comes back a little later and I get annihilated by torps that have such narrow spread that there's no way I'll dodge those either (Again, admittedly, I screwed up and positioned poorly so part of that is definitely my fault). Zao's AA is pitiful so I was basically dead in the span of 2 passes full HP to nearly dead when the enemy Yoshino got the killing blow. In those two passes I was struck by the following.

30 Rockets = 12,750 damage


7 Torpedoes = 19,403 damage

Total damage in 2 aircraft attack runs = 32,153/44,300 (That's 72.58% of my total HP in two attack runs)

So, instead of making a typical rage post (despite really wanting to) does anyone have suggestions on what I can do to try and play around this particular CV? I remember being angled in my first fight against an FDR, but the volume of rockets is so high that it didn't seem to matter. Even with priority sector pumping out what AA I could, I shot down a whopping 18 planes the entire game, 2 of those were spotter planes if I remember correctly.

I don't want to jump the gun and scream "OVER POWERED" but holy crap, I remember my first taste of this ship during testing when I played against here (again in a Zao) and didn't think they'd release her in the state she was in. I honestly am at a complete loss as to how I am expected to play against this and not just melt. Any advice would be appreciated.

EDIT: Okay, re-watching the replay, a massive portion is definitely on me. Poor positioning and lack of situational awareness allowed the enemy FDR to punish me when I was sailing broadside. So I definitely will own going full potato in both those cases. However, tips and advice will always be appreciated.

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