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Henri IV’s acceleration when coming out of a turn

WorldOfWarships2 - Henri IV's acceleration when coming out of a turn

Well, since many people still seem to have the misinformation that Henri engine power was nerfed, instead of the spool time, as can be seen in this image. I have decided to make a new post, cause i was downvoted to oblivion in the other thread, and not many people will see it now anyway.

unknown - Henri IV's acceleration when coming out of a turn

You will notice, the only thing that was changed, is the engine spool times, the engine power itself was not changed, the latter is what determines the acceleration after turning.

Nevertheless, since some people are convinced as to the opposite,

Here is Henri acceleration after turning post 9.0

These were recorded a few minutes ago,

Here running the acceleration mod in slot 4, and the rudder shift mod in slot 5, this is what i currently use on my henri. Notice Henri slows down slightly after turning, to 32.9 knots It takes about 6s after neutral rudder, to hit 38.6 knots and about 14s to hit 42.7 knots

Here i'm running rudder shift in slot 4, and nothing in slot 5. again, it takes about 6s after the rudder is neutral, to hit 38.8 knots and about 14s until it hits 42.7 knots.

Note that in both cases, ship slows down slightly when rudder is in transition, and doesn't start accelerating until the rudder is neutral.

And, as can be seen in these videos


Flamu's age of IFHE vid: posted on Dec 2018. 1)

at about 1:25s the ship starts accelerating, and takes about 6s until it hits 38.8 knots.

Flamu's Henri IV – the selfish cruiser: posted november 2017 2)

at about 1:42 the ship starts accelerating, and takes about 8s to hit 38.7 knots (because flamu made a small course correction)

This video from panzerknacker: posted Nov 2017 3)

at about 1:41 this guy comes out of a turn (not a full turn, but still) it takes about 15s from when the ship starts accelerating, till the ship reaches 42.7 knots.

So, we can conclude, that the acceleration after turning of the Henri has not been affected at all, when the engine spool times were doubled.

I couldn't be bothered to watch these videos in full, i'm sure there are even better examples of turns in these videos.

TL;DR If you keep your throttle pegged to full, henri's mobility is still exactly the same as it was pre 9.0. The only thing that was changed is engine spool time, which determines your acceleration/deceleration when changing the throttle. If you don't touch the throttle during turning, there is absolutely no difference

The nerf only affected Throttle juking, and island hopping, not open water maneuverability.

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