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Here are some facts about carriers for those blame them for everything

WorldOfWarships2 - Here are some facts about carriers for those blame them for everything
  1. Carriers need to stay back, way back behind literally the entire team as putting holes in one seems to like catnip to the entire enemy fleet. Does not matter if there are half a dozen other ships in point blank range, FIRE AT THE CARRIER FIRST! As someone has said, there ARE in fact times when bringing in a carrier is a good idea, but those revolve around having the distinct advantage, being in a final race for points to win and the risk of putting holes in your ship is low.
  2. We cannot zoom across the map instantly to drop fighters directly on your head, no matter how many times you expect it to magically happen. If we can, and are in the area where fighters will likely be, you bet we will do our best to place a squadron of fighters to destroy or prevent enemy aircraft from attacking you.
  3. Our aircraft, which may be faster than any ship in the game, cannot be anywhere and everywhere on the map to spot literally everything. We can only be ONE place and ONE time and it takes TIME to fly our aircraft from our carrier to somewhere on the map.
  4. Just because you demand 'X' be spotted – we cannot hold that area/ship within spotting forever. Either our aircraft gets shot down or they run into smoke/their allied fleet preventing us from keeping them in spotted.
  5. If you demand a carrier player do something – something other than what they are there to do – sink as many enemy ships as possible – that means they are quite often unable to do much of anything else. If you expect us to sit there spotting a ship, then we are not attacking anything and we are not sinking anything.
  6. To attack a bunched up enemy fleet is pure suicide for our planes. Imagine our aircraft are our guns – Would you risk temporarily losing your guns, your ability to deal damage – for the off chance of causing SLIGHT damage on a particular enemy? No, i thought not.
  7. In a losing battle or if an enemy manages to slip past you, we have very little chance but to either run or try to sink them before they sink us. Apart from the German carriers, we are very lightly armed and even the weakest of destroyers can give us a hard time if they manage to get close enough.
  8. Whilst battleships and cruisers are intended to sit there and unload shell after shell at the enemy, regardless how many of their friends are nearby, it is not the same as how a carrier should play. Our best chances of contributing is to pick off loners or anyone who has wandered off too far, away from the supporting AA guns of his allies. Or to strike fragile targets like destroyers where they have a hard time evading our aircraft. Or even to finish off badly damaged or fleeing enemies. Carriers are opportunists who look for weaknesses in the enemy team and if the enemy team is well coordinated, we CAN in fact have a bad game where we have to sacrifice our aircraft to be able to do literally anything. Just to DO something at all. The games where we clean up, are the ones where the enemy team is a group of lone wolves intent on trying to be a solo hero rather than a cohesive team.

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