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Hidden/unintuitive CV or AA mechanics

WorldOfWarships4 - Hidden/unintuitive CV or AA mechanics

With the recent spate of discussion on CV/ship interaction, I thought it would be useful to document some of the major mechanics that are mostly hidden from plain sight but do influence how CV/ships interact. The problem with this obscurity is that it makes the game less enjoyable for players who don't know them – it's hard to work around a system that you don't understand, and which is very poorly explained to the players because the information is either not given in game, or not indicated clearly. Some sources of information, like the "How it works" AA video, is now two years old and parts of it is severely outdated (for example it is still using the old random damage model, whereas now continuous AA is applied to the last plane). I assume the wiki is up to date.

There's no particular order to this list. It's also possible some of this have been changed in some update that I'm not remembering. Please point that out if that's the case.

1) Overlapping AA bubbles do less damage than the sum total AA values of the individual ships contributing to the overlap. The precise formula for this is quite complicated, but supposedly it never falls below the maximum for the highest AA ship in the bubbles

2) AA guns have a reload speed, which effects how often they deal damage ticks. The guns only reload when planes are in range. I seem to recall discussion of unifying this to a single value but I cannot seem to find notes of when (if) this was actually applied as a change.


3) Fighter consumable, unlike every other consumable in the game, is not effective immediately after you press the button. There seems to be a delay between when you push it and when they will start latching onto enemies – and it's not really clear (to me anyway) if we have a precise figure for how long that lag is

4) Plane group's drop pattern is only something you can see if you have the CV, or have seen videos of it from up-to-date CC content (since the reticles have changed a number of times and some quite recently). This is quite important as knowing the drop patterns helps you dodge, but the game doesn't give you any way to learn what they are if, say, you've never seen the ship before. This is doubly worse for premium CVs that have different drop pattern from tech tree ships (GZ vs standard German CVs for example)

5) Reinforcing sector also has a ramp up period of 5s that isn't mentioned anywhere in game so your AA value isn't at the fully reinforced value immediately.

6) As you take damage in game your AA gets reduced, but you don't have a way to find out which auras are more damaged than others. It just shows a generic %. Also, there's no way for you to check your own AA damage values while in a battle, or the distance threshold for different auras.

7) Planes in attack animation take reduced damage. I don't believe this is told to the player anywhere in the game itself

I probably forgot some, do post a reply if there are others.

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