World of Warships

Historically Accurate Skins, Flags and Icons Mod for 0.7.11

WorldOfWarships7 - Historically Accurate Skins, Flags and Icons Mod for 0.7.11

Can be downloaded here.

All credits for the creation of the skins go to KAsual (9mm1n) from SEA, for the flags, all credits go to Adiya. Tested, verified and updated by Graf_Zeppelin_Kai from EU.

This mod contains historically accurate skins for Bismarck, Tirpitz, Prinz Eugen, Admiral Hipper and Graf Zeppelin, historically accurate flags (KM and IJN) as well as appropriate icons.

Bismarck: Paint scheme from March 1941

Tirpitz: September 1942

Prinz Eugen: March 1941

Admiral Hipper: April 1942

Graf Zeppelin: Replaced Iron Cross for Swastika

Graf Zeppelin "Adler" Camo: This special camo was given out to the people who participated in the testing and balancing of Graf Zeppelin. The iron cross has been replaced with a swastika and the colour-scheme was changed to a much more nicer grey-scale.

Graf Zeppelin Alternate Baltic Camo: 1941-esque Baltic Camo akin to Prinz Eugen and Bismarck.


  • Added From the Bottom of the Ocean and The Last Conquest Bismarck skin.
  • Reworked Graf Zeppelins base-texture and improved the baltic camo.

Installation: Unzip the the folder and copy all files to World_of_Warships/res_mods/0.7.9/.

If you want to install the Baltic Camo for the Graf Zeppelin, copy the .dds file from the folder "Extra" to World_of_Warships/res_mods/0.7.9/content/gameplay/common/camouflage/textures.

Best used in conjunction with permacamo. For any questions, you can reach me on Aslains Discord.


Friendly reminder that this mod is allowed. The distribution of this mod via official WG channels (website, forum, comment section on the official website) or approved modpacks (Aslains, Official Modpack) is forbidden. It was officially allowed by /u/_mr_conway_ and /u/Radar_X which can be found here and here. Please refrain from posting anything akin to "You're gonna get banned for using/posting this!"

I was lazy.

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