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I know this topic has been discussed to the grave and back, but HMS Hood seriously needs something other than gimmicky anti-air to redeem her. Regardless of one's opinion on her short fuse AP (I actually quite like it, especially for Operations), what kills her in many eyes is the poor accuracy of her main battery. As the 15" premium between HMS Warspite and HMS Vanguard, both of which benefit from great accuracy for a battleship, HMS Hood comes up short.

Now we all know that the Tier-VII British Battleship selection is pretty good with KGV/DOY, Nelson & Hood, but its clear that Hood suffers by comparison. She has neither the calibre nor the count to redeem her main battery in any meaningful way, nor does she have any other realistically useful feature to keep her competitive with her direct competition. Although, to be completely fair, her armour is at least sufficient when angled.

All HMS Hood needs is an accuracy buff, preferably to overall dispersion. With that, she'd finally become a valid and hopefully somewhat competitive choice as befitting her place in history as the Mighty Hood. After all, historically she was a very stable (if often awash) gun platform due to her heavy draught and low freeboard.


The short fuses are fine. They give her character. A very temperamental character, perhaps, but character nonetheless. But without the appropriate accuracy to make use of her shells, it doesn't matter what shells she has. As much as I want to like this ship and validate my purchase, HMS Hood suffers from such a fundamental flaw that is so easily remedied that I cannot justify taking her into Operations, let alone Randoms.

If I had to describe the real issue behind HMS Hood, it's that she was designed as a battlecruiser and built as a dreadnought, with the associated flaws of both concepts. This is reflected mechanically; she has good speed, but she lacks effective firepower and has only mediocre protection.

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Having said all this, I must give credit where it's due. Her anti-air may not be to the same reliable standard as Gneisenau, but Hood's array is still a lot of fun to watch in action, and quite effective when she's specialized for the role. Visually, she's a delight across the board. So on that account, HMS Hood can partially redeem herself. But this only reinforces her major problem. She's not the best at anything, nor is she remotely competitive overall. The only feature which gives me a reason to play her is to take her into Operations and shred aircraft. But I can do the same (if not better) with Gneisenau or any AA-specialized cruiser for that matter.

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