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[How about this] Not ST, Balance of Different Ship Types

WorldOfWarships3 - [How about this] Not ST, Balance of Different Ship Types

Have a think, would this be good? This would be a bit of reading but please have a think.

Aircraft Carriers: 1. Just like in reality, it takes time for a squadron to transmit their carrier the coordinates where they have spotted a ship. In which case, a ship can only be spotted by the whole fleet if planes of an aircraft carrier are within the aerial detection range of a ship for a consecutive 20 seconds or longer. More explanation: squadrons can still spot enemy ships normally, but only for their own in the first 20 seconds. This provides the chance for ships to prevent focused fire and the CV player will have to decide whether this should be a “spotting run” when he hangs around for 20s for spotting but not doing much damage himself, or attack with planes which has a risk of loosing/recalling the squadron in less than 20 seconds.

All classes (someone else mentioned this, I just found this a great idea and please claim credit): 1. Just like the regeneration of planes, sailor should be able to replace damaged parts of AA and make them functional again. That is, AA should be regenerable in a way similar to how carriers generate planes. 2. A fixed AA value is given to every single AA module. For example: Every 3 American Quad Bofors = one AA cloud & 100 mid circle damage, etc. This allows the correct distinction of naturally strong and weak AA ships across the board, and making rational predictions of a ship’s AA capabilities possible. The AA value of the same AA module should be balanced by different ship types too. For example, the same AA module should be a bit stronger on a DD than a BB so that DDs with AA gimmick don’t have a huge disadvantage because the smaller number of AA guns onboard compared to a BB. 3. Fighter consumable: fighters should start engaging enemy squadron within its cruising circle immediately. The 20s spotting rule previously mentioned also applies to fighters. This will decrease the fighter’s ability as ‘deployable spotting stations’ as they are easy to shoot down and a timeframe of 20s is allowed.


Light cruisers: 1. One major problem of the game at the moment is that the amount of HE spamming makes it impossible to push with a battleships in a lot of situations. In which case: All light cruisers (and maybe some gunboat DDs) get unlimited charges of main battery loader consumable and their base fire rate being halfed. This simulates the reality where most WWII auto load guns have a ammunition limit in the loader, and when the auto loader is emptied, the crew can still reload the gun manually and fire at a slower rate while reloading the auto loader as well (which is the cool down time of consumable). This makes light cruisers have to think when they use their auto loader (e.g. right after a BB has used its damage control) to maximise damage, instead of simple HE spamming. This allows BBs to be able to figure out when they may push with minimal risks.

What do you guys think of this?

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