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How not to play(Review): The Hermes(0.8.x)

WorldOfWarships2 - How not to play(Review): The Hermes(0.8.x)

Overview: The gentleman arsonist

Heyyyy, it's Yunamalia, again. I'm trying to get all 3 of the starter carriers hastily reviewed so we can get in to the more advanced ones, thus the quick succession of reviews. I absolutely guarantee you that the others won't come out as close together, as I don't even *have* the Tier 8 Japanese carrier yet. You'll be happy to know I did the tables from the web interface, and the tables are pre-formatted for me.

Please refer to How not to play: The Hosho(0.8.X) for general terms like *ship lengths as lead times*.

Statistics: The Hermes(Difficulty Novice-Expert)

The Hermes is a Tier IV British fire starter Aircraft Carrier whose primary purpose is wasting a lot of people's consumables and time damage over time based attacks. Unlike other carriers, the Hermes has the unfortunate and dubious reputation as the worst Tier IV carrier, and using it requires less so much skill, than patience, and remembering how to use their planes, which can be ideal for learning in, though the Langley still has the easiest damage causing learning curve.

The Hermes is for the tactical masters who do not care about such things as getting ship destruction ribbons, or meaningful direct damage to Battleships. Many people ask what the fuck is the point of this entire carrier line, then, and I'm going to tell you. TO BE THE GREATEST ASSHOLE ON THE MAP, WITH THE LEAST AMOUNT OF TOTAL DAMAGE IN THE NAME OF BRITISH AIR SUPERIORITY, or, as we say on the interwebs, the biggest TROLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL THAT YOU CAN BE!

Starting Upgraded Upgrade cost
HP 32,200 33,200 3K XP / 250K Silver See note
Weakest Armor 10 MM N/A N/A
Strongest Armor 76 MM N/A N/A
AA mounts 3 N/A N/A
Secondary guns 3 102 MM/6 140MM N/A N/A
Engine 25 Knots N/A N/A
Turning Radius It's an air strip with a boat attached to it. Why do people expect these to turn? N/A N/A
Surface detectability 12.06 KM Captain Skills Captain Skill points
Air detectability 8.23 KM Captain Skills Captain Skill points

At a glance, there are several things to note;

-Good Armor for a carrier. Can take a lot of damage. Which is really really good, because-

Really shitty detection means you're going to get sooooooo spotted from half the map away.

-Sometimes those secondary guns will not only hit something, but damage. Better firing arc for them than the Hosho, marginally. Decent fire chance with captain skills & ribbons, too.

-Marginally better HP than the Hosho(But less than the Langley).

-An extra 1,000 HP is actually meaningful with the Hermes' armor, and in spite of the fact that it's only 200 more than the Hosho's hull upgrade, it is ABSOLUTELY worth your money and XP grinding time if you're planning to hang on to the Hermes. So is that Concealment Expert Captain Skill.

While the ridonculously good CV armor might encourage you to play the Hermes a bit more aggressively than you might, the Hosho or Langley, unfortunately the really bad detectable rates mean you're going to eat so much AP battleship fire the second you get too close to combat. The Hermes also has fairly terrible AA fire for a Carrier, meaning that *other carriers* are liable to kill you before the other team sees you. That being said, the Hermes, and indeed, the British Carrier line does have it's charm, and we'll dig right in to that(After I make this cup of tea).

Purpose: The boat.


So, you've decided that you disliked the Langley because… I'm going to put it down to "I want to be more annoying, while not actually killing things because I'm vegan", well, you've found the right ship line. The boat, itself, while sturdy, isn't the Graff Zeppelin, so the standardized "The nearest friendly island is my waifu" strategy applies. Your waifu island is probably vegan, if that makes you feel any better.


Averaging 35K+ Damage in the Hermes, unlike the Hosho, is quite an achievement, given it's low direct damage rates. You can play a bit more defensively, using your armor and better torpedo protection(than the Hosho or Langley, anyway) to defend caps in some maps, though you may find the strategy of sticking with BBs to leech plane kills off them a bit more tedious, given your poorer than T5 Destroyers AA fire, and higher detectable range.


You must have a real soft spot to still play this thing, if we're being honest. The boat is fairly tanky, and in some cases can push caps, or defend them, but even expert players know with a detectable range like this, who needs enemies to spot you?

Yunalesca Jenkins:

See all of this up here? Disregard that. I play the Hermes as an idiot, and I push caps, and I always end up shooting myself in the foot by relying too heavily on the armor to save my ass. Don't do that. Hang back a bit, because your planes can't quickly pick off ships in a 1 on 1 battle, and your hubris is going to get you killed very quickly, because that cruiser 12 KM out can see you over the mountainside, and that Battleship 16 KM out thinks they can probably citadel you(It's going to overpen, but they're going to try anyway).

Purpose: Pilots who are secretly war criminals and arsonists.

Rocket planes:

Purpose: Crippling Arson and proper British Assholery!

Rocket planes in the British line have a slightly different but more or less the same purpose as those of the Langley; Low armor damage. The bigger difference, though lies in both the damage it does, initially(Lower), and the chance of doing damage over time(higher). You also have the higher chance of disabling weapons, AA, steering, and engines, which makes this a great plane for using against higher skilled players, given the ease of hitting anything.

HP Damage Lead time Difficulty
Destroyers Approximately 1/8-1/16th. Good hits do about 1/6th. 1/4 to 1/2 a ship length(Try and have between 1/4 and 1/2 the ship in the target reticle, as close to the middle as possible) Low
Cruisers 1/16th. 1/8th of a ship length(Have most of the ship in the target reticle) Very low
Battleships Minimal Literally, just put the ship in the reticle. 0 ship lengths. AA fire will shred your planes / Not great.
Aircraft Carriers Minimal See Battleships See Battleships

How to: Do actual damage?

Just hit things. Hit them fast. Hit them often. The British carrier line relies on a *lot* of fire and flooding ribbons, so this is going to be a common strategy.

"They put my fire out immediately!"

That's what you *want*. Give them a few seconds for the repair crew to wear off, then come back and hit them again. And again. And again. It takes a fair amount of time for those consumables to recharge, and them wasting such a handy resource on your first fire means they won't be able to use it for the second. Watch them burn away *up to 1/4 of their HP bar*. Laugh. Enjoy that delicious fire damage, and all those arsonist ribbons. Keep in mind that you can set between *2 and 4 fires on the same ship*.

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"I was hoping to kill this DD quickly!"

The ship you are looking for is the **Langley**.

"My planes died!"

AA fire does that. Come at ships from as direct an angle as possible(Minimal steering from side to side), and SHARPLY turn after firing, then keep going on that straight line. Get out of that AA arc as fast as possible. Rocket planes are for quick strikes. Not soaking up AA damage.

Torpedo bombers:

Purpose: Flooding damage

Mix in both low initial damage, and slow torpedoes, and you have a mixture for exactly one thing: Never really pressing the 2 key from your carrier, unless your other planes are dead, or you're in an "I need to do damage" bind. Not bad for spotting, mind you, if you're worried about enemy AA shredding your planes too early.

HP Damage Lead time Difficulty
Destroyers 1/3rdish 2.5 to 3 ship lengths Easy enough to evade to the point of unusable, even for veteran torpedo bomber players
Cruisers 1/7thish to 1/3rdish 1 to 1.5 ship lengths Medium. Highly easy to evade, due to slow torpedoes.
Battleships 1/10th to 1/8th 0.2 Ship lengths Low
Aircraft Carriers 1/10th to 1/8th 1.2 at ~6KM or "Aim at the bow" at close range. Check to make sure the enemy CV isn't just sitting there, though. Otherwise, your torpedoes will miss. It's not that it's hard to hit carriers, it's that it's hard to survive their AA fire(Unless it's another Hermeslol 8)

Unlike both the Langley, and the Hosho, your torpedoes not only do rubbish damage, they really need to give it some stick, as they are abysmal at speed. You can(but shouldn't) learn to hunt DD's with them, but fortuitously the Hermes has other methods of dealing with them(Rocket planes / Bombers / Secondary Guns), and this is grossly unnecessary. Though the flooding rates are nice enough, and the planes have a sufficient turning radius to make rapid drops plausible, the torpedo bombers are more or less only worth your time in particularly desperate times, when you need to do real, direct damage Now.

Bombers: Rocket Planes, but with lead times.

Purpose: Even more arson and conservative approaches to healthcare!

The British have a few really obscure specialties, and their unique take on HE bombs is one of them. Rather than one larger damaging bomb, they drop a couple more bombs that do less damage. This results in both a higher dispersion of bombs, and a higher chance to hit something with at least one of them. Unlike other carrier lines, you should not rely on the bombers to do heavy damage to BB's. More bombs also mildly increases your disabling of modules and arson, which is an unusual go-to for bombers.

HP Damage Lead time Difficulty Important notes
Destroyers highly varying between 1/12th and 1/4th ~1/2 to 1 ship lengths Medium, but profitable Lots of chances for richochets. Lots of chances to set on fire.
Cruisers varying between 1/8th and 1/16th Touching the bow of the ship Fairly low No Citadels/Lots of fire chances
Battleships Minimal, but ~1/32 to 1/16th Somewhere roughly around the first gun(Though you aren't citadel farming.) Really low but with AA No Citadels/Lots of fire chances
Aircraft Carriers Minimal About 1/4 the way up the run way from the bow Obnoxious AA(Unless it's a Hermes8LOLOL) / Medium(Unless it's a Hermes, then low) No citadels/Lots of fire chances

The big difference you're going to find between the British lines and the other lines is right here. The planes don't do a lot of initial damage, but they hit a lot of times, and each bomb has a chance to start a fire and/or disable something. Later on in the line, the Implaccable, hilariously, has mildly better armor penetration on the upgraded rocket planes, which is sufficient to mildly but directly harm Battleships, and you have this weird inversion of hunting BBs and Cruisers with Rocket planes and torpedoes, and DDs with bombers. Getting used to this now, and saving your torpedoes for BBs and rocket planes for cruisers will help develop the skills for this carrier line, but literally none of the skills beyond basic leading, and target hitting transfer to literally any other carrier line because they're British. High ho there, neighbor, tea and crumpets?


"Are you really advocating I become an arsonist?"

Talented British Carrier players are both the biggest and most useless bullies in the game, because they make other players waste precious fire/flooding recovery consumables, leaving them open to permafires, long disables and permafloods. Yes. Yes, that's exactly what I'm advocating, because that's literally your only purpose in British Carrier lines. Harassment, Crippling Injuries that aren't covered by insurance & Spotting.

"But I want my bombs to do more direct damage, while still occasionally setting fires!"

The ship you are looking for is the Langley.

"But I want to do more bomber damage!"

The review you are looking for is here.


Destroyers: Hunting for Destroyers with Bombers is fairly entertaining, because unlike every other carrier line in the game, you can actually do so, and consistently annoy them, while damaging them to a significant degree to make it worth your time. Generally, most DD players dismiss bombers as being minor nuisances that can't cause damage, but with a bit of practice on how to lead them, and doing your best to avoid them turning the wrong way, you can consistently not only splooge your bombs all over their face, you can set them on fire along the way. This takes significantly less time to master than the Hosho's *torpedo DD hunting* method, though it is a bit more finessed than the Langley & Hermes' basic rocket planes strike. It's utility comes more against newer players who don't know how to dodge the bombs, and less from more accomplished players, who are accustomed to seeing the British Carrier line in all it's backwards "glory".

Cruisers: Cruisers will hate you. So much. They're bigger than Destroyers, so your bombs are more likely to hit, doing direct damage. They're less armored than Battleships, so you're more likely to actually do direct damage. You also get to set them on fire(Probably). There is no downside to this. Unless you're them. Sip a cup of tea, and enjoy the bonfire like it's Guy Fawkes day.

Battleships: So you really just want to watch that Nassau burn, huh? Well. This is the ship for you. Just keep in mind that you're doing significantly poorer direct damage than if you just torp'd him, and you're relying on fire damage pretty much exclusively, so commit to getting him on permafire.

Aircraft Carriers: You're basically just at the end of the match, trying to score a wee bit of damage and waste your planes in boredom. Don't do this, otherwise. You'll lose all your planes. Unless it's another Hermes. Sucks to be them, and their 8 damage a second AA fire(Look at your plane HP on the screen. Look at that number again. Look at your plane HP. Laugh).

Secondary Guns: They exist.

Don't expect miracles out of these, but they are there, and in a pinch, they might just save your ass. As they're the only T4 carrier with actually usable secondary guns, this is the only T4 carrier review which will include their stats, and how to use them(should you be so daft).

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102 MM HE 35 Lb Shell 140 MM HE high explosive shell
Mounts 3 6
Rounds per minute 15 12
Range 3.5 KM 3.5 KM
Max Damage 1500 2000
Fire chance 6%(per shell) 8%(per shell)

With 3 low armor piercing shells every 4 seconds, and 6 cruiser(or Hermes) grade armor piercing shells every 5 seconds, even with the fairly low appearing fire rates, you're still highly probable to set anything that comes within secondary gun range on fire fairly quickly. The 9 gun mounts(In contrast to the Langley& Hosho's 4) offers both faster, and more damage and more importantly better firing arcs, which, when combined with the Hermes' better armor places it firmly in the position of the Tier 4 Ship you don't want to get in 3.5KM of. Not that anyone would really need to, given that T4 torpedo range is like 5 KMs. IF You have the Captain skills for it, and the FLAG, however, you're firing 3 low armor piercing shells every 3.3 seconds, and 6 cruiser grade armor piercing shells every 4.3 seconds, and they have a nearly 5 KM range, but that requires BOTH flag and Captain Skills(They're otherwise 3.6 / 4.5 seconds, and 4.2 KM range with just the Captain skills)

Still. What the heck.

Attacking(You maniac?!?! Are you a Scottsman? An Irishman?)

Destroyers: Ram them, boil them, mash them in a stew. That's not how that goes. ANYWAY, some destroyer players have a bad tendency not to pay attention to how close they get, and if you're really careful(OR you surprise them with flags & Captain skills that extend your secondary gun range as listed above for whatever reason), AND you manage to survive their torpedo volley, they're going to die. Probably fast. Probably on fire. Use rocket planes to speed this up.

Cruisers: Some of them cruisers can pierce your armor. Some of them have torpedoes. Why they would get in to 3.5 KM of you, I don't know. With your high rate of fire, and rate of setting fires, they're going to whittle down their own HP bar pretty fast, but some cruisers have secondary guns, too, meaning this works both ways! Use Bombers, Torpedoes, and Rocket planes to speed this up.

Battleships: HOW IN THE FUCK-? So, that Battleship is going to be on fire. Five sure. Unfortunately, at this close a range, you're going to eat a lot of AP fire broad sides very quickly, and it is going to hurt. A lot. Also. Secondary guns that laugh at your armor. Yeah.

Aircraft Carriers: Yeah, I've done this for personal amusement. I've gone chasing down bots, with the express intention of hunting down that carrier. Basically, your armor is high enough that non-Hermes secondary guns won't penetrate, so that's a lot of low damage and possible fires, but you have a chance to penetrate both Hosho & Langley armor. You actually have a high chance to overpen Hosho and Langley armor. With your secondary guns. Just for the screen shot. It is kind of fun to set them on fire. It's more kind of fun to abuse the Hermes' speed to go a ramming the slower Langley, who can't outrun you.

Overall score: The Hermes

Rating compared to other ships in Tier Extenuating circumstances
Hull / HP B+ This gurl is THICC, and her armor will richochet most DD and some cruiser shells.
Secondary Guns A(As carrier secondary guns go) 3.5 KM is a bit low for your detectable range, but it's standard for Tier IV carriers.. If you're planning on using this carrier after moving down the line, definitely invest in a captain who will increase both the range & damage of the secondary guns, because nobody will expect that, and it will surprise the shit out of people from time to time. Or don't.
AA Fire Epic F There are Tier 5 Destroyers that out-AA the Hermes. More than 3 of them. Even with the Captain Skills, and the flags, you still have a range barely reaching 0.25 KM, and a total damage per second of 10.
Rocket Planes B Focus more on fires & disables. Less on kills and initial damage done.
Torpedoes D Not fast. Not great. But they exist unlike AA LOL
Bombers B+ So many fires, so many irritated DD players who are accustomed to dismissing bomber runs from Hosho/Langley Players.

What if I play a match with mostly Tier 6 ships?

The British are really good at complaining and bitching, and spending the entire match dissolving your planes on high grade AA fire, while bitching about the matchmaker is basically standard playstyle. You *Can* try torpedoes from a distance(KEEP IN MIND THEY ARE SLOW, AND WILL BE DODGED. BY BATTLESHIPS. ALL. THE. TIME.), and you *CAN* try and bully your way around with that fancy armor you're wearing, but crying, and complaining is basically your primary offensive strategy(Think the American revolution, but with less tea being dumped in the harbor).

I want to actually kill things!

SAVAGE! The British Empire does not go a killing so brashly. We march in a single file line, with some dude banging the drums on the side, so the enemy can easily find us! I suppose you *COULD* try and master torpedo dropping, and picking up kills that way, but is that *really* British, when you could just ***colonize the enemy fleet with fires, floods, and irritation at CV players?*** No! That's what I thought, you *CORNISH HEN*!

TL;DR A summary:

Step 1: Set it on fire

Step 2: Set it on fire AGAIN

Step 3: Set it on fire *SOME MORE*

Step 4: Pause for a sip of tea, before it goes cold.

Step 5: Have your contributions to the game be terribly belittled by people who expect CVs to kill steal(Even though they complain about kill stealing CVs every other time), or do serious direct damage, without realizing that your careful and strategic arson may have swayed the game in your team's favor through strategic and repeated application of a truly uncivilized amount of fire.

Yuna's score:

Beginner: 6.0 / 10

Medium: 7.5 / 10

Expert: 7.9 / 10

Yunalesca Jenkins: 7.8 / 10 (8.1 with Captain skill enhancing Secondary Gun range & Fire rate)

God save the Queen and her propensity for arson.

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