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How to actually fix CVs – make them the true support class this game needs, while keeping the new UI

WorldOfWarships3 - How to actually fix CVs - make them the true support class this game needs, while keeping the new UI

TLDR: The consensus seems to be that the CV rework didn't work. Also, the game is missing a true support class. CVs should be the dedicated support class.

  • Keep the new UI
  • Buff spotting XP
  • Give CVs more utility: smoke drops, area repairs, and mines
  • Greatly buff AA
  • Add an under fire "panic" mechanic to ships that reduces AA effectiveness
  • Nerf plane speed a little

I was personally excited for the CV rework. The new UI looked great and seemed more in line with making you feel like you are part of the battle. Then I played it and noped out. Then I played against it and noped out more. Bottom line, CVs just are not fun.

Then today a moment of inspiration hit me. This game is missing a true support class. The other classes sort of can support but not really. Battleships are the "heavies". Cruisers would be an "assault" class. Destroyers are "ninjas" or "snipers". Carriers just sort of… are. Wargaming should keep the new UI and convert CVs into a dedicated true support class. The specific parts of this proposal are outlined below but as a concept, the idea of a dedicated support role is utilized by many other games.

  • Keep the new UI. The new UI is fine, and dare I say decent. With all the reworks many flaws, flying over the battle is still fun and looks good.

  • Buff XP for spotting. Reward CVs for supporting the team and make up for the later nerfs that will impact raw damage. This is the start of making CV a true support class and let's them play scout support.

  • Give CVs more to do instead of just damage dealing or spotting. Give them repair parties (healer role) they can drop from bombers in the form of inflatable craft repair areas, smoke screens, or even mines they can lay for area denial. Attack craft will stay but add these to the toolbox. Allowing CVs to have some mix of these would provide a lot of utility and allow them to own the support role.

  • Buff AA for all ships. In general AA needs to be more effective so that ships don't feel helpless. Buuuuuuut… (See below)

  • Add a new panic effect mechanic to ships. When a ship is under fire, let's say targeted and fired upon by 2+ ships, or 2+ consecutive volleys, that ship enters a panic mode (multiple shooting games have something similar). This panic mode reduces the AA effectiveness by let's say 50% and opens it up to CV attack. Imagine the AA crews running for cover and being distracted. Why add this mechanic? Because it changes CVs from solo warriors to team players.

  • Nerf plane speed (least important change). I know it's sort of realistic but the planes seem too fast to me and I think it's a big part of why they can be frustrating to play against / OP in some situations.

Personally I think these changes would be fun as hell but it's my opinion. What do you guys think?


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