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How To Actually Play Kaga and Others(With Tips and Tricks!)

WorldOfWarships4 - How To Actually Play Kaga and Others(With Tips and Tricks!)

Hello folks. Kaga is a CV near and dear to my heart. She has performed well for me in the past (75% WR in RTS) and continues to do so. In fact, my top two win-rated CVs (with 20+ battles) are Kaga and Shokaku currently. Not even Hakuryu, which I haven't touched since beat those two, and I abused the hell out of her.
xQ5ddNh - How To Actually Play Kaga and Others(With Tips and Tricks!)

NA Kaga Leaderboard sorted by WR. This was originally going to be a reply to this thread, but it became larger and more generalized as it went on. Now do not get me wrong, I agree with /u/Platoba. Kaga and all CVs, in general, need a lot of work. Unfortunately it looks like we won't get any CV specific balancing changes until 0.8.2 at the very earliest. Without further ado, tips and tricks for Kaga and other CVs in general.
  • Drop attack waves as soon as they leave the carrier. Especially if you're bottom tier, and the match is in the first 10 mins of the match. You're going to get one, maybe two strikes off before the entire squadron dies. Might as well minimize losses and only go in with one or two waves and keep the planes, and you, useful for a longer period of time.

  • Learn AA. This is hard because WG is doing hotfixes for this stuff every week it seems, but there are still CVs going around trying to drop American ships and bitching about not being able to do well. Assume anything that reacts in English is going to be heavy AA, and everything else is only above average AA. If any ship is alone, then you can get one strike off (again, except English speaking ships) with relative certainty, maybe two. If there are two ships, you can probably get one strike in. Three or more I wouldn't count on it. Regardless of nation, AA is strong as hell right now.

  • Scout initially. DDs still win games, and for this reason, you should scout them as frequently as you can while still being relevant to the rest of the match. I try to do two passes from one side of the map to the other in the first few minutes. Aside from getting a clearer picture of what the enemy is doing, it allows the Red team to disperse a little, letting you get better strikes in. If the Reds clump up and go into a death ball lemming train, well you aren't getting strikes in anyways, so scout for those few who aren't part of it, or are trying to hide behind islands.

  • Dodge flak by constantly being in a turn or wiggling. Some flak you will not be able to dodge because it explodes right in front of you, or because you're on final approach in an attack run. However, if you're just positioning or scouting, avoid as much as you can by not flying in a straight line. You can also dodge it by initiating an attack run.

  • Your fighter consumable can scout too. Use this to extend the time you are the eyes for the fleet so you can recall your planes and start getting a strike in. Make sure it is outside of AA range of the nearest ship though. AA is strong.

  • Leapfrog Technique. This trick is mainly for dive bombers, but it follows the dumping waves technique described earlier. When you drop your load ordnance, there's a small window immediately afterward where your planes take no damage from AA. This can be exploited to get planes closer to a heavily AA defended target but requires a lot of practice to get right. You're going to need at least half a bar if not more of boost available, but essentially you're going to drop your bombs at the highest point in the attack run, and start boosting. The next squadron will zoom past the dropping planes, and be at a very high speed from both the boost being active and descending altitude. Once the cooldown is done, start the next attack run. You should be able to dodge most flak bursts this way and minimize time spent in DPS AA zones. You're going to need as much boost as possible for this to be anywhere near friendly to use due to possible overshooting/undershooting that will happen. This is best used by HE dive bombers, though could work for AP as well, you're just going to need more skill to do it.

  • Related to the above, and only for HE dive bombers, save some boost and start the attack run on DDs when the reticle is just behind it. Use the boost to speed up the drop speed and drop when you are as close to the little bote as you can. They are entirely RNG dependant, so your results may vary, but I've had quite a few dev strikes in Kaga DBs on DDs using this method. Since the bombs have extremely little time to disperse, they are generally tightly packed wherever they land. I must say again though, your results will vary and expect a lot of feast or famine using this.

  • AP Bombers are tricky. If it's a battleship, you want to release the bombs when it's at the beginning of the dive to get citadels. If it's a cruiser, middle to bottom of the dive, though a lot depends on the ship you're dropping on. These do require a lot more foresight as you really do want to be in line with whatever you are dropping for a shot at a good strike. I wouldn't use these on DDs unless I didn't have another option.

  • Play Mind Games. People are very averse to being constantly spotted and shot at. Especially in the beginning when you're scouting, you can use your team shooting at the Reds to guide ships away from areas you want to control. Like capture points. This won't work for Worcester and Minotaurs, because of their stupid stealth AA ranges, but other ships that in theory are supporting DDs it can. Keep them spotted and getting shot at, and they'll either reverse in open water or find the nearest cover and stay there. Either way, it's fewer guns trying to sink your DDs.

  • Do not spam the same type of plane unless you're willing to throw them away. When you attack you are most likely going to lose those planes and unless you're Kaga you don't have the reserves to take multiple squadron losses in a row.

  • For Kaga specifically, you can cross drop with torpedo bombers. Simply head straight at a ship (nose or aft) and launch the torps with one squadron a little ways out. Maybe 3-4km. Once you hear the torps drop immediately go into a turn, and boost half the turn, and then slow down the last half. You should be able to get a nice, tight drop pattern if you timed it correctly.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Hopefully this helps a few people. I know the dropping attack waves is slowly getting around to being common practice.

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