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How to have fun when a game goes down the drain???

WorldOfWarships3 - How to have fun when a game goes down the drain???

Oh man, I don't know where to start …

tl:dr – Winning is fun! Even when I didn't contribute all that much to it. But having an exceptional game and losing? Even when I just farm the everliving shit out of the remaining enemies, is not fun.

Let's put it like this – WALL OF TEXT incoming – I'm a long time player and I've always tried to play for the win (at least as soon as I understood how the game works). It's a team game, and thus I'm part of the team. I live for the team and if it's necessary I die for the team (Ramming an enemy in a 2v1 situation? Hell yes. Before I try some funky shit, die and the remaining enemy sinks our CV).

I've always had a tendency to play ships that enable me to counter one or two bad players on MY team. Belfast, T61, Kutuzov, GC, Clemson, Ishizuchi (although that's more to my personal experience) you name it. Why would I drive a Myoko or a Farragut if some (premium) counterparts are so much stronger and easier to play for the win in. And lately it was the Enterprise.

However, even from before the CV rework (I'd say the past 6/7 months) I find it increasingly difficult to enjoy the game on a LOSS. Most of the time because parts of my team simply disintegrated or pulled some really really dumb shit (fellow team mate attacking a 2/3 HP Yoshino instead of a Yamato at 1k HP, who's sinking would've won us the game). Sure I do cock up as well and try to improve where I can, but overall … I can't win 100% of the games (although I'd gladly take a premium that could).

So, my question to you fellow captains: How to have fun/enjoy a game that your team is losing (for whatever reason it may be)?

Is it the "Well if you played good enough to be satisfied with yourself then it's ok" thing? If so, then I'm in a heck of a trouble, because that's a mindset I don't understand. Either you win or you don't. But playing good/exceptional and not winning is as meaningless as yoloing into the enemy. Nobody cares if you came 2nd, 3rd, 5th or last in a competition, one cares only about the winners. So why bother saying: "Hey, I'm only second, but at least I achieved a personal best." Yeah buddy you're second, get lost. Because on the other hand, as long as it's legal/within the rules, I don't care how I won. After a team won a championship nobody cares if the playoffs go 4:0 or 6:5 or 1:0. Win = Win. And then I'm happy. So 10k DMG, helped secure a cap and won? I had fun. 150k DMG, 5 kills and lost (for whatever reason)? No fun. Like NONE AT ALL. In short: It's the outcome I enjoy and have fun with, not the means by how I achieved that.


Probably that's why I'm so strong PRO the CV Rework, because with some ships (like e.g. the Enterprise) I have to care less and less about bad team mates and can try to win more games on my own. Basically getting closer to winning a 1 v 23. Everytime. As ridiculous as this might sound.

I've been pondering for quite some time now what a game mode would be that I could enjoy and that'd either be a 12v12 CoOp with the same rewards as random (which'll never come) or a solo-player endless mode, that I can just enter with a ship, shoot up stuff and then leave when I no longer want to shoot up stuff. Something where I can switch of my head after a long day of work and not have to worry about some numbnut that costs me a win (even if that numbnut sometimes is me, but than I know hwat I should change for future battles).

Some may now say Clan Battles, and from a pure rational standpoint I'd agree on that. But same here: Playing the same (more or less) for game after game after game, being under constant pressure NOT to perform 110% and thus costing my teammates a win … yikes no. Then I'm litteraly like Tweek thinking "TOO MUCH PRESSURE!" Even though I'm part of a clan that I created together with friends and the mindset instilled, that we just play for the fun. But my fun is winning only, so I have a trouble having fun when we get up against enemies that perform better than me/us. On top of that, the repetetiveness became quite boring. So that's an out as well…

So I've stuck with randoms for the last few months playing almost nothing but OP ships and the occasional test ship in between. Sure the ridiculousness of some of these made me forget a loss and actually have fun in (pre-change Slawa, Kreml with BB/CV only radar, Colbert), but that can't be a sustainable solution: Introducing more and more ridiculous ships so that I can have fun.

And now I'm here debating what else I want to get from this post other then the question proposed further up. Just hit me with whatever thoughts you get to. Want to hate me for playing E? Or Belfast? Go ahead, I probably deserved that as well. Are you in a similar situation and found a solution (or struggling like myself), let me know.

I enjoy this game and the community, it brought me so much fun, so I'm just looking for a way to get that back. Somehow.

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