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How to (influence a) win in WoW

WorldOfWarships4 - How to (influence a) win in WoW


This post shall mainly serve as a reference for future posts I have in mind. For many of you veteran sailing redditors this will be merely a recap of the (seemingly) obvious.

What are the benefits in winning (or why does this post has relevance at all):

Apart from the obvious "it is a game and the goal is always to win the game" argument, winning is fun. This comes down to the feeling of accomplishment due to mastering a particular challenge and in the case of a multiplayer game like WoW also due to a temporary feeling of superiority.But there is also the argument of in-game progression, that is significantly sped up with winning more often. All rewards are coupled to your base XP per match and it is very common that the best player on the loosing team receives a similar amount of XP as the lowest on the winning team. And in certain modes (Ranked *cough*) winning is the single most important metric that counts.

How to win:

Irrespective of the mode you are in (Co-Op, Random, Ranked, Clan) with the notable exception of operations, your team either wins by being the first to either reach 1000 points, reducing the enemy team to 0 points, having the most points after timer has run out or eliminating all enemy ships.These conditions are however not independent, but are coupled as every sunk ship subtratcs points according to the ship's class form their respective team and adds some points to the opposing team. Besides this, points are only added every "tic" via captured zones.

What can one do to assure a win:

The single most important thing: Don't die (for nothing)!

If your ship is sunk your chances to influence a match are practically equal to zero. Rarely chat comments will have an impact. To add insult to injury: if you're dead your team has lost point and the opposing team has gained some.However, when your team has won it doesn't matter how many HP you lost on the way. Additionally, ships usually offer the same functionality no matter the amount of HP left (this is because modules are modeled separately).
0. Conclusion: Every ship alive has the option to influence the match or conversely sunk ships don't contribute, but cost.
1. Conclusion: Finishing off opposing ships or conversely saving allied ones (Smoke Consumable!) is a generally a worthwhile endeavour.
1.1. Conclusion: Mitigating damage to your own ships supports allied ships by not being shot at and retaining your future options in the match.
2. Conclusion: Focus Fire is the most effective way to reduce the opposing teams ships and thus points and return fire.

Points are primarily generated by capture zones. A successful capture without losing a ship therefore will result in a points advantage. Generally this puts the opposing team at prospect of losing the match and thus pressure on them to either neutralise the points advantage by (re-)capturaing zones or sinking allied ships.Only ships in a capture zoen can actually capture it. The capture process however can be reset by hitting a capturing ship.
3.1. Conclusion: (Controlling the) Access to a capture zone will put your team in the position to generate a points advantage.
3.2. Conclusion: Only a succesful capture with continued control of the zone has benefits (basically: if you lose your ship (supporting) a cap, the cap can be retaken easily and now the enemy team has both a ships and points advantage).
3.2.1. Conclusion: Contesting a cap (directly or indirectly through sheer presence) is a good way to run down the clock as no points are generated from such a zone (which may or may not be benefitial).

Shooting at ships that are not visible will greatly increase your ships spread apart from being uncertain about unsure about the targeted ship's whereabout in the first place, in turn significantly reducing the dealt damage. Usually holding fire until a ship is visible is therefore preferable, as shooting may reveal you.
4. Conclusion: Vision control reveals the enemy positions and therefore their possible intentions (and offers options for counters).
4.1. Conclusion Vision control is a necessary prerequiste for potentially devastating alpha strikes and flanking manoevers.


Firing range and speed is limited on ships, and with that the zone of influence of each ship. Coordination and (according) positioning therefore are the primary tools for supporting each other. From the 2. & 3.2. Conclusion we can infer that local superiority reaps great benefits. An agreed on strategy is thus advantagous.
5. Conclusion: Communication (about goals/intentions and targets) is key.

Ships are inherently vulnerable from their sides as they offer a much bigger profile to hit and usually allow for easier access to their most crucial parts (Citadel!). A flanked ship has therefore the choice of risking HP and potentially its life and giving up ground and potentially acces to capture points. While being in the process of being flanked the opposing ship will have to present its boradside, too! This presents a chance to delay or counter a flanking move. However being outnumbered and flanked is a certain recipe for a quick demise.
6. Conclusion: Flanking costs time, can not be done by a single ship(!) and usually reduces the support between the flanking ships due to increased distance, but may reap hugh rewards in form of cap control and/or opposing ships. (Still, a risky move)
6.1. Conclusion: Time (in which your support for allied ships and control over cap zones may be weaker) is the main ressource you pay for when you flank.
7. Conclusion: Control over the map centre secured by both flanks is an indicator for supremacy, however control over the map centre without either or both flanks is just an invitation for crossfires.

Repostioning takes time, time in which allied ships may be without support.
8. Conclusion: Extended layouts of ships on the map may maximise the control over key areas, but may be individually overwhelmed by local superiority (a classic trade-off).
8.1. Conclusion: Slow ships should orient themselves both closer to the map centre and rest of the team in comparison to faster ships.

This covers the basics and these are universaly true irrespective of the ship you are in. However dependent on the ship you are in you may excel in particular roles, e.g. Des Moins combination of radar with fast firing hard hitting guns allows it to easily control capture zones, while Jean Barts good speed, decent health pool and guns with a reaload booster make it a devasting flanker.One should always keep in mind these roles are due to relative advantages in a couple of catgeories and dependent on team composition, e.g. in team with only 1 BB Jean Beart may want to stick close to the centre to provide flexible fire support where needed and force enemies on longer detours (outside of its gun range) in order to perfrom a flanking move.Keeping that in mind try to maximise your ships effect on your team's point generation (through control of capture points) or minimising the opposing team's acces to points by delaying, detouring discouraging risky moves through depleting their HP and vision, or straight up sinking them.

A final remark:

It is true that dealing damage is the highst contributer to base XP and thus, especially in Random Battles, people tend to try to get more damage by expsoing themselves to horrendous risks (crossfire, ambushes, etc.) potentially dieing in the process and putting their team at a disadvantage. They might get more XP (and damage) if they continue to play their advantage, but that's up to them to learn.maybe point them to this post and in the mean time don't get aggrevated.

Fair Seas fellow reddit sailors!

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