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How would you rework CV’s?

WorldOfWarships4 - How would you rework CV's?

Disclaimer: I'm a CV scrub. I don't think I'm terrible but I've not played them above tier 6 other than a couple games on a test server Shokaku.

I'm not sure about this rework. The manual drop feature is actually, in my opinion, what caused a lot if not most of the imbalance in CV play. But WG is now doubling down on it. Yes, it adds to the "skill" aspect but it's not the only way to add an element of skill to their play. Personally, I think CV player skill should be based around positioning, timing and, most importantly, teamwork. Not who can blap planes and ships the fastest.

First things first. Remove hangar limits. That's the one thing I like about this iteration of the rework. To compensate for this, they could increase the AA on some ships or for every plane lost give a slight increase to how long it takes to replenish air groups. There should be a hard cap on how long these reloads can increase to and, as much as I dislike the plethora of gimmicks in game, they can add a plane rearmament booster consumable for higher tier CV's that decreases servicing time by X% for Y seconds.


They could remove manual drops/strafes and add various strike patterns (modes) for your squadrons. Kind of like surface ship torpedoes. Keep the standard formation and add tight and loose formations. Tight formation decreases the spread of bomb/torps but makes your squadrons take more damage. Loose, spreads out your bombs and torpedoes (good for area denial) but your planes take less damage. Fighters can disengage at will for a damage penalty (dealt and received).

Spotting for carriers needs to change. Maybe just have it so only ships within a certain distance of the planes are able to receive information from them. Outside of this range the enemy ships just appears as a blip on the map. Then, give CV's the option to swap out some of their strike aircraft for spotter planes that can broadcast information on a larger scale.

Yes, a carrier like Saipan that was balanced around her quality over quantity of planes might become a little overpowered with some of these changes. That's why we'd buff her, yes buff her, and move her up a tier or two. Instead of Saipan at tier 7, what if they introduced a pre-refit USS Saratoga with her 8" gun batteries.

Anyway, this is how I would've approached this rework. What do you guys think? How would you have done the rework?


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