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When I was browsing the YouTube, a documentary of IJN I-400 class Submarine Carrier has caught my attention.
After finished the video I suddenly came out with an idea that might possibly make the entire player-base suffer.
So let me put this disclaimer first:

This is a meme for joke.

This is a meme for joke.

This is a meme for joke.

OK here you go:

Possibly the worst nightmare of the majority players that hates either of them

Just a little thought if it ever happens…
I hope you enjoyed the meme. Have fun and ignore the spoiler in case u hate cv or sub. u have been warned !

I-400 IJN submarine carrier

It is a submarine and a carrier, but for balancing it will be treated as a submarine, unless WG decided to treat it as an extra class (which I, a CV fan, don't want it to happen either). Armament:

  • 8 × 533 mm forward torpedo tubes
  • 1 × 14 cm/40 11th Year Type naval gun
  • 3 × 25 mm triple-mounted Type 96 auto-cannon (9 barrels total) as AA
  • 1 × single-mounted 25 mm Type 96 auto-cannon
  • and, 3 Aichi M6A1 Seiran sea-planes which forms a squad of 3 plane in 1 out of 1 attack run.

There're special rules for the planes:

  • Aircraft Service boost will come as a unique instant consumable. This ship has double the base aircraft service time compared to other IJN CV.
  • The aircraft service will be locked from activate unless at least a plane is lost. Which means U cannot launch another squad unless all planes sent has returned or destroyed.
  • The same aircraft is used to do both torp and dive-bomb, so in case you lost a torp plane while traveling to target, u can launch a dive-bomber if the service regenerated a plane. That will also make u obtain a rotation of attack group of 2 and 1 plane(s).
  • U can submerge your boat while the planes are out, but in order to launch another squad, you must surface and bring the planes back.

And for the submarine itself:

  • It's a big submarine so it will be more vulnerable toward depth charges, and also has a larger detection range. Don't just rush out like a standard submarine.
  • It has no defensive fighter planes. As soon as it surface and got spotted while soloed, It's free real state for regular CV.
  • The ship can choose from upgrades of sub and CV, so u can either use full sub upgrade, full CV upgrade, or hybrid of both type of upgrades (although I doubt what reason to use a hybrid config).

It is a interesting concept, but I don't know how this will break the balance once the player-base has adapted to the random with all 5 classes (if it ever will. God knows.) so I has kept this as spoiler. Please don't get mad of me posting this idea and in case u do anyway….


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