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I can’t hide my Implacably Furious emotions about Hermes and other RNCVs

WorldOfWarships4 - I can't hide my Implacably Furious emotions about Hermes and other RNCVs

As presented right now, the T4-8 RNCVs are all underpowered, to different degrees. Let's look at each of them:

Hermes: bombs that don't pen BBs. Nothing special torps. Meh rockets. Just like every other T4 CV, she's horrendous.

Furious: marginally better torpedo alpha, by 400 per Torp or so over Ranger. Inferior rockets. 200 higher alpha on DBs but shit dispersion and penetration compared to Ranger. Also lower squad HP and generation rate. So much for high plane HP…

Implacable: around same type of rockets as Lexington. Less pen and speed, also it takes longer for the planes to regenerate. Inferior torpedo damage, flooding chance, and numbers. Those are Furious's torpedoes! The torpedo gap is larger than a GK. DBs do good damage but only if you get the perfect approach, and lacks pen to do damage on Gneisenau and other German/USN BBs. Reticle is larger than Bismarck, and bombs can fall outside of the reticle.

Also two blatant lies:

  1. British CVs have powerful torpedoes. Lol. American torpedoes are simply superior at T8. They also don't have that gap that can fit a GK.

  2. British planes have high HP and are more consistent. Lol. Their rockets and DBs have comparable of not lower HP than IJN/USN, with a longer regeneration time. I guess those are not planes?


I would say Implacable is the best out of the bunch but she's still highly inconsistent. In a cruiser heavy game, the cruisers can dodge most of your bombs and torps while shooting down your rocket planes on approach. All RNCVs also take catapult fighter damage like crazy because there are less planes in a squad: a T8 catapult fighter might very well eliminate the entire Furious DB squad. Each of those planes take 116s to regenerate! This must be an oversight.

I get the idea is that the RNCVs sacrifice strike power and speed for consistency. But the incessant nerfs mean that now they have neither strike power nor consistency. Their rockets were meant to be accurate and easy to use, but now the global rocket nerfs mean none of the rockets are easy to use any more. Their torpedoes used to be undodgeable with high speed and little gap, now with the (effectively) increased arming distance, slower speed, and huge gap they are as dodgeable as USN torpedoes while having less damage. Their DBs are always a slot machine. RNCVs' smaller squad size were great for flak dodging, but with continuous and fighter damage being the primary damage now, it became an disadvantage. Those ships… Just don't make much sense in today's meta anymore.

TLDR: RNCVs need rebalancing due to fundamental changes in AA and many nerfs to the ships.

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