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I Did Some Math About AP Bombers

WorldOfWarships1 - I Did Some Math About AP Bombers

I had an experience in battle today, and decided to do some math to try and really visualize what I was dealing with. This post is meant to help everyone visualize this situation, and hopefully inspire some informed discussion.

Let us start where I started: one Shokaku AP bomb strike vs Odin.

Shokaku divebomber strikes drop three bombs that deal up to 7,600 damage each when they score citadel hits, making each strike's potential 22,800 damage, of which only 2,280 can be repaired using Odin's repair party consumable. This strike will reduce an Odin to 32,280 maximum HP, roughly 61% of its starting HP

Now lets go further, we'll assume Shokaku can land all three strikes of three bombs on Odin's citadel. We'll assume that Odin's AA is off or ineffective, and that it can use repair party after every strike it survives.

A full flight of Shokaku's AP bombs can deliver 68,400 potential damage across three strikes. Odin, with 52,800 HP can survive two of these strikes, and recover an extra 4,560 HP for a total of 57,360 HP.

If we assume ideal conditions, as we have for these calculations, a single flight of nine Shokaku divebombers deals 119% of Odin's maximum potential HP during the entire attack. Putting it another way: a flight of these bombers carries enough bombs to kill an Odin and one to spare.


Now lets do just a little more math for fun. Shokaku has deck space for 16 divebombers when it equips Flight Control Modification 1. The potential damage from the deck of Shokaku at the beginning of a match is therefor 121,600 (almost 2 and 1/3 Odins!). Shokaku, using both Flight Control Modification 1 and the Air Supremacy skill to buff its aircraft restoration time can likely** restore up to 17 planes. Assuming that Shokaku can somehow only lose planes that have successfully delivered bombs to enemy citadels this brings the potential damage total to 250,800 (exactly 4 and 3/4 Odins!).

This last bit is completely unrealistic though because so much has to go right for the Shokaku.

Alright, that's it for math. I realize that some of the assumptions for these calculations are unrealistic, but I also hope that they serve the purpose of visualizing the kind of potential damage ships can put out. I might write one of these up for some other ships at some point, Republique and Shimakaze spring to mind, and maybe Venezia or Minotaur for cruisers just to even it out.

** I am still not exactly sure how buffs stack up in this game, so I have just added them together and applied them once. I'd be happy to learn this, but I am also afraid that the whole system might be a bit sloppy.

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