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WorldOfWarships4 - I don't know what to do

I've been playing this game off and on (mostly on) for most of the last five years. In 2015/16/17 I was content to just blap dudes in my Nurnberg. Her turret layout, small size, and maneuverability suited me perfectly, and when she got the 360 turret buff I almost had to call a doctor because I had an erection that lasted three and a half hours. I haven't taken out the Nurn in several years but she is still by far my most played bote with over 750 matches. She served me very well, even if losing badly in a t8 match I could reliably finish with over 50k damage and would almost always be one of the last ones standing on my team. Eventually, I decided to see what else the game had to offer for someone like me, so I went down the other cruiser lines and experimented with some gunboat DDs (this was like right after the Khaba nerf, which landed just before she became my first t10). I did very well in Gaede and all of the Russian DDs until I got to Khaba. I was so bad that I eventually sold her. I loved the concept of the ship, loved the gameplay, but I just constantly ate heaps and heaps of shit every time I went out with her and it broke my heart so badly I could never take her out again. I eventually sold her at some point down my cruiser grind.


So, the cruiser grind. I've now gone through all of the tech tree cruiser lines except T9/10 USN CL. I also have the Yoshino, Smolensk, and I got the Moskva before she went premium (it was my 3rd t10 after Khaba and Hindy). I learned how to play the different types of cruisers, how to angle, where to go under what circumstances, etc. I do well enough in clan battles and during this t9 brawl I think I'm something like 22-8 with my Agir. So I feel I've improved lots as a player. But as I write this I have a 43.5% WR over my last 69 (nice) matches.

I understand that you can't be good in every ship and that my playstyle and decision-making habits wouldn't suit me very well to some botes. But I can't compete anywhere in T10. Like, at all. I did great in almost every t7, about half of the t8s and 9s, but I struggle to be average in any one of my halfway decent t10s. And I don't really even feel like it's CVs that are the problem, I'm literally better in my ARP Takao in a T10 match than I am with any actual T10 cruiser I own. It's not even close. I'd take my Myoko into a T10 match if I could before I'd take a T10. I don't really want to leave this game or even have a great WR but I'd like to get to the top of a line for once and do something other than get my balls spoon fed to me in like 2/3 of my matches. Is there like some nerd stat wizard or WoWs gigachad who can infer something from my stats or look at my gameplay to tell me what the problem is because I'm losing my shit over here ngl

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