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I got caught… I admit it I’m not a CV main….. part 2

WorldOfWarships2 - I got caught... I admit it I'm not a CV main..... part 2
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One comment I saw was this……

If you're just free-XP'ing the ships to Tier X, you really should play them in Co-Op to get the hang of them and master the little nuances of each ship. You're right in saying that the player matters more than the ship does- that's true for any ship. And you'll get better with more practice. Teammates just don't want to be the Guinea pigs for that. Bots don't care 😉

I don't think you're ready for the optimal Tier X experience- I say that for two reasons. One is the stats showing that you're not helping your team much statistically (A 28% Winrate means they're having to tow you across the finish line if they win). The second argument to that I think is actually what you just said- that you feel you're not that good. And honestly, if you're Free XP'ing and just starting out, who would be?

I think you just need some practice. And it comes slowly. If you have some lower tiered Premiums, that's a good place to learn- practice in Co-Op, Operations, and the lower tiered stage where your influence isn't as much on the outcome. With practice will come little changes to your gameplay, and your Winrate can go from 28% up to 38%, and then 48%, and who knows- maybe even 54 or 58%. You'll be a lot happier with what you can do, just like your team will be. It just takes practice, and more practice. And that's true for ANY ship.


My argument is you can play in CO-OP all day long and get a feel of how the planes handle thats easy but the problem lies when your comparing bots to human players that play very differntly for example players tend to group up and counter move the ships to make them a harder target and will combined AA cover you lose planes very quickly.

Then you have ships like the Friesland, Halland and Smaland that just shread planes and I know because I have the Friesland so I know what it can do and alot of DD's detection from the air is sometimes the same or less then the AA cover so you just flying into a trap and you lose planes.

Playing CV's is a challenge not just for me but anyone thats not flying in a T10 premium carrier and my really bad WR in carriers cant all me down to me when at times I am ontop or near the top of the team score board at the end of the match and I always try to support the team with intel but sadly that dont always payoff.

I avoid playing ranked in carriers full stop because I am aware that I am trash so I play with the ships like the Daring and Montana that Im pretty good at with a 60% WR in them.

Anyway I thought I'd give you an sight of someone whos not great at carriers but tries.

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