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I haven’t played WoWs in 3 years and after 20 games, I have no idea what this game is anymore.

WorldOfWarships6 - I haven't played WoWs in 3 years and after 20 games, I have no idea what this game is anymore.

Welcome to my rant. I have no proof I haven't played in 3 years, you can believe me or not. Last thing I remember was seeing a Tirpitz but the captain couldn't tell us anything because of the NDA. Again, this is kinda a rant I want some answers from. Don't expect anything useful to come from this. It's honestly like waking up from a coma. I don't remember a much and stuff has changed a lot… Whats next, you going to tell me Donald Trump is President?

I stopped playing late 2015 and after watching some videos about the game I chose to come back. I am a DD captain and was a Tier 8 for it and my cruiser as well. I came into this expecting a bunch of changed but nothing crazy. Here is what I have to say…

  1. Where the hell did the citadels go? I played my New York to get back into the swing of things and couldn't hit a single citadel. I was a pretty good shot back in the day but did they just get removed or something? (obviously they didn't) but damn I can't hit anything.

  2. People can actually aim now… Sh*@ I get blown away instantly now second I get spotted in my DD. Y'all got some good aim now, damn..

  3. What in gods name is this radar BS?! I find it literally impossible to play DD's now. Whats the point of smoke? Never not a Cruiser around and I just get instaspotted. Either played destroyers is impossible now or they have changed there tactics a lot imma have to look into that.

  4. I'm annoying and complain a lot

  5. AA isnt good anymore? Maybe I'm super unlucky but I brought out my Cleveland which I remember was a HE slinging ball of death which it still was but I couldn't shoot down a single plane which tore me to shreds with torps and divebombers. Before I could even get my repair back up I was getting hit by the same CV again.

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