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I know that burning ships is as realistic as it gets but…

WorldOfWarships3 - I know that burning ships is as realistic as it gets but...

So I know that burning ships getting destroyed is a historical fact and many ships went down due to this. However, in the context of a game that is meant to be arcade like, I can't help but feel like that the current meta of sit back and burn has basically ruined the game. Yes, I am complaining about HE spamming and the subsequent burning that occurs. It's frustrating and quite a big turn off for a lot of players who simply want to play a nice game of toy boats blasting each other.

I get it, it's supposed to be DD counters BB, CA/CL counters DD and BB counters CA/CL. Yes I'm also aware that CA/CL armor is mostly useless against BBs. However, I feel that the solution of 'Just use HE' is a terribly bad designed catch all for what is effectively a game of positioning and strategy.

Sure, avoiding HE spam is part of the current strategy, stick behind islands, use Concealment, all these things are valid and good things to keep in mind when playing the game. I'm not going to lie, I've spammed HE in my atlanta, nelson, and various other ships. Not because I liked it, but simply because there was few other options to had to deal damage (especially in the atlanta).


My question is, why not simply increase the damage of the initial impact shell and reduce the burning time? There is nothing more frustrating and more helpless feeling than being hosed down with HE and then simply limping away watching your HP go down as the myriad of fires that have been rained down upon you tick your life away into oblivion. As a game that's definitely not going the simulation route, I find that the consistent and massive amounts of burn only serves to fuel the fires of toxicity among players who are salty about their loss (me included, not even going to deny) and those who are doing the spraying.

I mean look at the number of complaints about the smolensk, a ship that was pretty much designed to sit behind smoke/island cover and hose people down. It's only really for the HE spammer, not the person being that's the victim of it.

Do you guys think there are could be a better designed system to mitigate the frustration and toxicity that can be built from prolonged exposure to the HE spam meta?

TLDR: the current meta and design of the HE spam is getting quite boring and frustrating. Historical accuracy and 'that's just what happened' isn't good enough to justify an anti-fun system.

Looking for a discussion about ideas for a better system than HE spam

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