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I may have had another Seizure, but the Doc actually recommended that I try and relearn how to play WoWs as therapy.

WorldOfWarships7 - I may have had another Seizure, but the Doc actually recommended that I try and relearn how to play WoWs as therapy.

Hello All!

So here is the backstory

During my first deployment to Iraq I was involved in an IED blast, my FLA was at the back of a convoy transporting Generaters to Baghdad when the vehicle in front of me moved too far from the vehicle it was trailing which was the vehicle carrying the IED jammer. Because the driver fell back too far and fell out of the protective range of the Jammer a 500 pound IED detonated and vaporized the vehicle and all in it, and managed to flip my FLA.

I woke up two weeks later in Germany with a severe TBI and I spent the next few weeks relearning to do basic things and I had two seizures over the next month. Ever since then I have had a seizure about every 4-6 weeks but normally there are no long lasting effects, and normally I just get back up with a headache and continue with my life.

Well that was the case for the past 4 years but last night things went a bit different… So my wife and I were out for a movie and just when the previews start I had the single worst seizure I have had since Accident. The first thing I remember is the EMT asking my wife what happened but something wasn't right since when I tried to speak my words were very sloppy and incoherent. After the ride to the ER and many doctor visits later I eventually got a diagnosis.


So apparently that seizure lasted for so long and was so violent that I actually caused several fissures in my brain which was heavily impacting my memory and acute motor skills. At this point I was extremely depressed but I had a surprisingly positive talk with the resident neurologist who told me about a therapy technique that he had been having great success with.

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So what he told me was that people who had been suffering from similar problems as myself had seen incredible recovery time and quality of life improvements by playing video games which he said would help rebuild the neural pathways for fine motor skills.

Sooooo now here I am, I am back at my house and this thread took me close to an hour and a half to write out since typing in extremely difficult but thanks to a very insightful and thoughtful neurologist I now am prescribed 4 hours of my favorite video game every day, preferably between 1200-1800.

It is funny to think that just two weeks ago I was telling people about the Piece of the Alaskas deck my grandfather left me and now here I am telling you all about how I nearly died and now I get to play this game for recovery.

Hopefully The Alaska can be released soon since that is really the only ship I am looking forward to and I would have no problem playing all day in my beautiful capitalist steamboat.

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