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I think I might want to reconsider how I’m playing the Yamato

WorldOfWarships4 - I think I might want to reconsider how I'm playing the Yamato

So after loving the japanese BB line and completing the Yamato PermaCamo collection I figured why not take big guns out for a spin. I love the ship. I like that I can setup and be a massive damage sponge for my team and force battleships to ineffectually focus on me. I like that it really forces me to think about my angling as it gets punished fairly easy so its forcing me to think about where I am on the map. Unfortunately I seem to actively suck in her compared to the rest of the line. Judging by the numbers and some stuff Ive seen here I think Im focusing other larger ships (BBs) too much. I think in my mind I got it in my head that since this ship is so good at punishing other BBs even when they are angled I could use the the guns to force them to try to disengage. But I'm starting to realize that cruisers seem to be much better at this then I am, especially being on the receiving end.


I think otherwise Im doing fairly well with the ship. I try to engage targets between 12-16km and normally am about 5km behind DDs (or closer depending on how the match is progressing. I have a pretty low survival rate but I think thats tied to my lower win rate. Generally speaking I average 140k damage taken and just above 2.1 million potential damage.

Beyond trying to shift focus on cruisers a little more any other tips?

Here are the stats Thanks

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