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I used to be a 45% win rate sh*tter Derpitz

WorldOfWarships4 - I used to be a 45% win rate sh*tter Derpitz

I was formerly a total potato.

This is to show that even if you're absolute trash at this game like I was, you can always improve. I'm at 3 years playing the game and I'll tell you, I was a complete potato and probably detriment to the team. I was so bad that I made this topic out of frustration.

I really wish I have the stats of my first 500 games saved so I can laugh at how bad I was. But things have gotten much better and in the last 1000 games or so I'm at almost 57% win rate, most of it solo. I'm still not close to unicum but I like to think I can usually pull my own weight on a team. Of course I still make lots of mistakes and it's not uncommon for me to screw up and get destroyed early in the game but now that happens a lot less. So here is what I learned to not be a potato, from a former total potato.

Play all ship types

When I first started playing I liked BBs and one of the first things I did was buy a Tirpitz. I still quite remember my first and second game in the Tirpitz, it was first on Land of Fire where I tried sniping at 20+ km with spotter plane and then a T10 match on Tears of the Desert where I yolo charged and got bukkake'd by the entire enemy team. But when first playing BBs I just thought DDs had way too many tricks and advantages and hated them but after playing them myself I then see they have their role and aren't so overpowered after all. When I knew the game a bit better I then got into cruisers. But the point is that you should try to play all ship types so you can better know the strengths and weaknesses of each, and then you might even find out that ships you think are OP aren't so OP actually.


Have some humility

I think a lot of us like blaming others whenever we do bad or we lose and sometimes that is true, but a lot of times when you're angry you don't always think clearly and want to defend yourself instead of looking at what really happened. In most cases I would say when I lose my poor play added to the loss. I think a lot of us try to think we're better than we really are. And always remember even if you think you're good, you can always get better.

Find help if you have to

I watched quite a few guides from more experienced players, such as Flamu and Farazelleth. Now I might or might not like the personalities but you can't deny they know a lot about the game and they do consistently well for a reason. So see what they have to offer, you don't have to agree or take what they say but it's another perspective at least.

Play Clan Wars!

Playing clan wars really improved my knowledge of the game because in a competitive mode you want to do your best and you'll tend to learn things better. Your play caller is usually also a very good and experienced player and can guide you on how to play ships. At the beginning you'll feel like a drag on the team but if you keep at it and practice you'll do better. I know clan wars take time and not everyone can really put that kind of time in but it was quite a positive experience for me.

Don't get too upset at the game

I know, it's fun to win and all, but at the end of the day, if you take the game so seriously that you're not enjoying it, what's the point? You may even play worse due to frustration. Relax, take a break if you need, but remember that it's a game and have fun!

This is just what I can think of now and I'm sure there's more. But you can see a lot of it is mindset and practice, but if you try to learn and improve you'll get better.

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