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I whaled 1000 bucks worth of santa containers, got all rare ships and refunded them all. Here is a short review of the ships

WorldOfWarships2 - I whaled 1000 bucks worth of santa containers, got all rare ships and refunded them all. Here is a short review of the ships

Im making this post to review the sought after ships in the current state of the game.

Im a fairly experienced player with decent stats. I understand the mechanics and how the game is played in general, so i think this review should be fairly accurate.

This being said, this is just my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt. For the question if its worth whaling for X ship, i consider the uniqueness of the ship.

In general it completely depends on the financial situation and or how much the game is worth for you. For me its rather a hobby and ive getting tons of playtime out of the game. I refunded the crates because i could rather use it for various other things. If I had so much money left, id do it because i play the game quite passionately.

Disclaimers, i had about half the premium ships before buying the containers. so if you have little to no premiums, getting the rare ones will get way more expensive than 1000 bucks.

Lets get it started.

Missouri: Shes not bad, good speed, good concealment, good guns and a radar because why not. But we all know that she's so sought after because of the credit modifier.

For that part she does indeed print money. But honestly, so do most other t9 premiums, even if slightly less.

Missouri is a Jack of all trades but a master of nothing. To be honest, i felt her to be fairly bland to play. Her handling is pretty trash and she fits right into that slot where the sluggishness is bad enough to be annoying but also no dealbreaker.

Her Armor is okay, she's got a 38mm midsection which is nice. Her Citadel Armor on the other hand is rather poor. So showing broadside can get you deleted or at least being hurt.

The radar is a plus but its not really a game changer. It has a 3.2 km gap between concealment and range so most competent DDs can most likely play around it. BBs aren't great against DDs in general but the radar is still a plus. It doesn't make the Missouri a completely unique experience tho.

My main issue is the fact that you cant use her strengths anymore to secure flanks effectively. With carrier infesting like every second game doing that will get you spotted and probably focused. You just cant really sneak up a flank anymore. People will be aware of what you're doing due to plane spotting and just angle against you.

I think the CV presence really ruins her playstyle, just as it did with the roma. The days of sneaky flanks and smart plays are gone. If you're not in a carrier match however, you can still pull these things off.

So. Is it worth it? Honestly it depends completely on you. From My perspective, no. She totally isn't worth 900+ bucks. Just get an Iowa. She doesn't have anything unique going for her other than the credit modifier and her playstyle has been shafted pretty hard.

If you want something that plays or feels similar, get a Georgia or Richelieu. Both are fast, fairly agile, have decent concealment and above average AA. But as mentioned, Iowa is the closest thing you can get.

Kutuzov: The Kutuzov was my second favorite ship of the bunch. It was OP back then and it still is OP now. It got toned down a little bit with the IFHE rework but yeah, not to much. In general I like the russian light cruisers so im maybe a bit biased there.

8KM torps, Smoke and 19.2 km range are the distinctive traits of the ship and they synergize very well. The Kutuzov doesn't care if your playing against t6 or t10, it just dumpsters anything equally.


BUT for anyone familiar with the Russian light cruisers, the Chapayev, the Irian and the Lazo do that almost as effectively. Honestly, i find the Irian to be the superior ship. Of course the smoke is stupid. But so are the Irian torps. For myself i don't struggle to stay afloat with the russian cruisers, their survivability while kiting away is quite underrated.

I mainly used the smoke as a tool to disengage. Its one of the most powerful tools a cruiser can have no doubt.

So yeah, the Kutuzov is a great ship. However, the Irian/Chapayev/Lazo are all good options if you like that certain playstyle. The bayard and the Mainz are also kinda similar.

Enterprise: Im not great with carriers and i havent played it much. I think if you actually know what you're doing its quite busted. Large reserves, fast plane regen, Fat Albert Fighter squadron. Its better than its counterparts in almost anything. It felt much closer to a t10 CV than to a T8 one.

I can't really give a good overview over the ship so i leave that to my beloved CV players.

Belfast: This was the ship that was the most painful to get refunded. Its hands down the best t7 cruiser and it has literally anything but a heal. With its good concealment and its smoke/radar combo it completely dumpsters destroyers. In terms of HE damage output, It out dpms most cruisers within it's MM range. For a British light cruiser the armor and especially the citadel protection are quite good. It benefits more from its smoke than the Kutuzov for comparison. Its not super fast nor to great at kiting. With its smoke however it plays like a t7 Cleveland with slightly better shell arcs and a Island to-go.

The smoke basically mitigates all the weaknesses in terms of survivability whilest the HE greatly increases the effectiveness of the ship.

The closest thing you can get is probably the Belfast 43,although that one seems to be trash, or the Edinburgh since its the same ship class. But in general I have to say that the Belfast plays extremely Unique. Its an amazing ship.

Gremajatshi: Its a Fushun at t5 with 8km torps. Ive played 3 games with it. Its quite overpowered for its tier. Its not unique. If you enjoy seal clubbing and the russian DDs that's the best thing you can get at t5.

Kamikaze/Fujin: Again, the Kamikaze is not Unique at all, its a premium Minekaze with better torps. Its overpowered but not particularly interesting.

Imperator Nikolai I: Forget it, complete trash. Literally unplayable with 2 Hoshos/Rheins in every game. Fat, slow, easy to hit. No AA. Cant recover from constant AP Bomb and Torpedo damage. The gunnery is great but in the current state of t4 you could slap Yamato turrets on that thing and it wouldn't change much. Without carriers this would be a completely different story but well. Yikes

If you want that experience, buy a Gangut and watch your health being depleted before you can have any actual impact on the game.

Well i hope my small review can help anyone by making that decision or not.

Let me know what you think of that and what I could improve.

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