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Idea for a New Tier IX Premium German BB(except it is a BC)

WorldOfWarships1 - Idea for a New Tier IX Premium German BB(except it is a BC)

So to start this off, I'm a tad bit of a German Military nut. WWI and WWII stuff I love about Germany(but not the Nazi side of it, Fuck that shit). I've always been fascinated with the Guns, Planes, Tanks and Ships that they had. If like to think myself as a slight amateur expert on them.

So this idea comes from a Design for a new Kreigsmarine Battlecruiser designed in the late 1930's. Anyone who is aware will know it as the O-class Battlecruiser. It was set to be laid down in late 1939 but it was cancelled due to the start of the War.

I also feel that beyond the Tirpitz and Prinz Eugen there is a drastic lack of top tier German Premiums. Most nations have 1 or 2 Tier 9+ plus by now(or are getting one soon), so I think it is time that the Tanky Bois get a new Top Tier premium.

So here is my suggestion.

Ship name: Ostpreußen(East Prussia). Named after the only part of Germany that was separated from the rest after the first world war. It seemed like a good idea mostly because it was the only region or area that began with the letter O and so that would fit with the naming of German Ships.

Armament: The O-class was designed with a 3×2 15-inch. Scharnhorst layout with Bismarck guns basically I'm an idiot, the Gneisenau has Bismarck guns in that layout.

Her secondaries were going to be 6×2 5.9

AA was going to be eight 10.5cm, 8 3.7cm and 20 2cm.

Lastly for her armament was 2×3 torpedo tubes, one set of 3 on either side(no idea on location though, the provided picture does not show the location for them).

Top speed of 35kts and there was also a seaplane(so this could give players an option of a Spotter or Fighter for the ship).

Armour: Belt consisted of 190mm(7.5 inches), the deck was 80mm(3.1 inches), the turrets were 210mm(8.3 inches) and the Torpedo bulkhead was 45mm(1.8 inches).

So here's the idea, rather then be your typical German Battleship and have the unpenable citadel, the Ostprußen could have a weaker turtleback, maybe like the Graf Spee, which has one but it is shite(coming from someone who uses it regularly).

So to make up for this shortcumming the ship can show what it really is, a Raider. Higher speed then most Battleships with increased accuracy(decreased dispersion). Now the Guns wouldn't be great against Battleships, it was designed as a Escort destroyer. So all Heavy and Light Cruisers would be fair game for it. But Battleships, let's say that facing a full-health Tier 9+ BB in the Ostprußen is not recommended.


It would work well in a similar fashion to the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau in the way that you don't want to go up the middle of the map but to use the flanks so that you can keep the reds infront or to a side of you instead of all around you.

The torps would probably only have a short range, similar to the Tirpitz. Short range, but getting too close won't go to well.

Compatible Upgrades: Probably just a literal copy and paste from the FDG. It doesn't really need anything else to make it special there.

Consumables: slot 1: Damage Con

Slot 2: Repair Party

Slot 3: Spotter Plane or Catapult Fighter

Slot 4: German Hydro

I'm unsure of it needs something else to make it feel like a premium. I'm sure most of you will have opinions on that matter so that may need to do for now.

So basically this ship is a Bismarck sized Scharnhorst or Gneisenau with better armour, guns and speed.

The best way to play would be on the flanks, with angled armour against Battleships and some Heavy Cruisers. Try to stay with other ships to really get maximum score, mainly other Battleships to draw the attention away from yourself. Target Cruisers and Carriers mostly, and go for Battleships when with other big hitters. The AA would be alright, again, you don't want to be alone in this ship because Planes would probably take you apart. It isn't like other German big ships which can deal and take damage. It hits hard, but it can't really take big hits.

Let me know what you guys think. This is just basic, obviously changes would need to be made to parts of the ship(like that deck armour). This is just my idea taken from the Paper Battlecruiser itself. I'm open to criticism on this. It most definitely needs improvement. I'm mostly hoping it wouldn't end up being another Prinz Eitel. It needs to be a ship people want to jump into, not just a trophy that someone bought.

I'll provide the link to the O-class Battlecruiser, which saves someone needing to ask for it.

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