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Idea for a Pan-EU Light cruiser line

WorldOfWarships3 - Idea for a Pan-EU Light cruiser line

A friend and I were talking about the future of the EU tree as a whole with the recent release of the EU(Swede) DDs. We got a tier 4-8 plan that features Dutch ships and we think would be a fun addition to the game.

The general idea behind the line is that of scout cruisers. These are honestly what I wanted the UK CLs to be way back when while they were still in development.

for the features of the line

you get:

low detectability akin to UK CLs

a large number of consumables

fast firing main battery

some members of the line are rather small for cruisers

a speed boost at higher tiers similar to the Smaland, active for a short time but giving a massive boost of speed

at the cost of:

weak armor, even for CLs

weak guns for their tier

small number of those guns

largish citadels

Now, when I say "large number of consumables" I don't mean they can choose from a lot, i mean they GET a lot

at higher tiers, the repair party might be bound to the P key

for example, the consumable loadout of a T9 specimen from this line may look something like:

R- Damage Control Party

T- Defensive Fire AA

Y- Hydro-acoustic search

U- Radar

I- Speed Boost

O- Main Battery Reload boost

P- Repair Party

and all that at the same time without needed to choose between them

The way I imagine ships like this being played is something along the lines of; use your stealth get close to a cap circle at the beginning of a game, pop radar if a DD tries to contest it, give the DD a bloody nose and zoom off before the enemy battleships rotate their guns over to you

For the 4-8 ships that we discussed for the line we had:

IV- Java

V- De Ruyter

VI- Tromp

VII- De Zeven Provincienën-class_cruiser

VIII- Eendracht (A variant of De Zeven Provincien)

To expand on these tierings, I think that the Java and De Ruyter being at 4 and 5 respectively just works considering the time period at which these ships were built. As to why the De Ruyter at 5 over the Java even when the Java has 10 150mm guns to the De Ruyter's 7, it would be down to the fact that De Ruyter has turrets rather than gun mounts resulting in better accuracy. The De Ruyter could maybe also mount DFAA and Hydro as opposed to the Java needing to choose


now, at T6 is when things get interesting. This would be the tier I would personally add the Smaland-like speed boost, but the real head-scratcher is the addition of the HNLMS Tromp in a cruiser line. After all, the Tromp is a "flotilla leader", not a light cruiser, and despite the higher tier, she's also missing one more gun compared to the De Ruyter. However, i believe that due to the Tromp's unusually large 150mm guns that she should be counted among the light cruisers. Also her smaller size (she's smaller than even the Tashkent) and the addition of a speed boost would make her a difficult target to hit. I've also had people tell me the swedish Tre Kroner ( would be a better fit for the tier with 6 152s and have the Tromp be a premium. It would definitely work, but I focused on Dutch ships for this list.

At T7, we see the addition of De Zeven Provincien, the last gun cruiser ever built by the Royal Netherlands Navy. This ship had a troubled history, which i recommend reading about in the wikipedia page. The biggest problem with this ship is the fact she only has 8 152mm guns at T7, which is rather anemic by any stretch of the imagination. But to counterbalance the weak armament, we are once again tacking more consumables onto the ship. De Zeven Provincien could feature the addition of the reload boost consumable, allowing her to put out more shells for a short period to make up for her lack of gun volume and size. The ship might also feature the radar consumable a la Atlanta or Indianapolis to greater boost her team effectiveness, being the first T7 line cruiser to feature this ability.

The Eendracht was the name given to the DZP hull under construction right before the invasion of the country by Nazi Germany. She was originally planned to have 2×2 and 2×3 152mm Bofors gun turrets, bringing her up to a grand total of 10 barrels. When the Nazis took over the project from dutch shipbuilders, they renamed the hull KH1 (Kreuzer Holland 1) and redesigned her with 4×3 150mm gun turrets (much like the in game Mainz) and gave her a clipper bow to improve hydrodynamics. Either of these designs could be implemented, as what she is essentially is a DZP with more guns. She would still feature the same consumables as DZP, but with Radar being guaranteed at this tier. The addition of the 6th module slot would also allow her to slot the concealment module, complementing her already great concealment.

I'm looking for criticism as i'm unsure about the line's balance with DDs, as they hold nearly all the cards in one on one encounters with the class. This could be balanced with the addition of large citadels, giving DDs with battleship support a greater chance of surviving, or letting DDs who load AP punish overly greedy players. As a DD player myself, i dont think the class needs even more ships added to punish their very existence.

All this was nothing but a thought exercise, but i would be interested to hear what others think about the idea.

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