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Idea for better Carrier/Player interactions (rework pt 2)

WorldOfWarships2 - Idea for better Carrier/Player interactions (rework pt 2)

I'm 99.999% sure this isn't gonna happen but, It was just my take. So many people complain about cvs without offering a better idea, so here I am. (TL:DR at bottom)

Right now, my main issue with cvs is they are rather boring to play, and ships can't defend themselves at all. The only ship that has proper defenses are carriers, which means that carriers never attack other carriers. Historical battles can never be recreated.

So, my idea mashes the RTS style with the modern one. Most of the time, you would be looking at a rts style map. Squadron controls will be the 1 through 0 keys. Each key would be a squadron, and t4 would have 6 sqaudrons, t6 8, and t8/t10 10 squadrons. In port, you can change the amount of each squadron, if you prefer certain type of planes. However, there would be a minimum of each type you must take. For t8/t10, 3 fighters (actual fighters), 2 torpedo squadrons, and 2 bomber squadrons. For t4, it would be 2/1/1, t6 2/2/2.

Fighters: Fighters would be controllable by the rts-style, a map, you select that squadron, and you click a point where they are supposed to go. To attack planes, a rectangle will appear in front of your squadron, and planes in that rectangle will get attacked. Just like the rts. Also, players can make squadrons bigger, or smaller. I can put 12 fighters in one squadron, 4 in another. Max per squadron would be 15, and they would have to move between squadrons in attacking flights, not individual planes. However, fighters will regenerate on the carrier. (I am going to use a Lexington prototype for examples.) Lets say Lexington chooses to play with 4 fighter squads. Each fighter squadron begins with 8 planes, so I can launch 32 fighters. I defend my team for a bit, and use some as an escort for my bombers. Lats say it takes 2 minutes for a flight to generate. After 7 minutes I lose half my planes. A squadron with only four planes in it comes back to rearm, and when they are able to take off again they have the option of adding six planes to that squadron (fighters will regenerate in attacking flights, in this case two). This way, carriers will never run out of fighters, and will always be able to defend their team unless they are dead. One flight of fighters will be expected to destroy about 3 attack planes of the same tier.

Bombers: Bombers would start the game with a set amount of planes, and they would be all you get for the entire game. Bombers also will be able to change the altitude they fly at. This is so they can fly over the main battle, avoid major AA, and reach the enemy carrier. To initiate an attack run, they would have to be in AA range however. Fighter planes would be able to do this to, and attack at any plane at any altitude. When planes initiate their attack run, they will attack exactly they way they do today. We would get the third person view of the planes, and the torpedo/bomb reticle. If a squadron has more than one flight, a cool down happens, and they loop around for an attack with a second flight, just like today. This is so that a target isn't overwhelmed with 12 torpedoes all at once, and the enemy cv has time to bring fighters over to protect it. Lets say for a game, Our Lexington picks 3 fighter squads, 4 bomber squads, and 3 torpedo squads. Squads would start with 9 planes in flights of three, and so they would have 63 attack aircraft to play the entire game with.


Attack aircraft: These would still be an option in game, just not required. They would not act as fighters, so they would look like they do today, and would not regenerate. Say this was our Lexington still, they would generate with attack flights and squadron sizes proportionate to fighters, not bombers.

AA: AA will stay at the same range and damage system, but mid-caliber and small caliber AA will be increases to a range of 5.4 and 4 km (american example).

Consumables: The fighter consumable will work exactly the same way fighters do, and to toggle between rts view and normal view the consumable key must be pressed again. Then, the fighters must be directed to an enemy squadron under 7 km away. Spotting aircraft will be able to toggle between rts veiw and normal view, and they will be able to spot torpedoes 1.5x the torpedo concealment, but they only will be detected on the rts map. This justifies the long cooldown of the consumable. DFAA will stay exactly the same, but will only be given to destroyers. A new consumable, lets just call it Massive Flak Fire for now, will increase flak 3x, and increase damage 10x, be active for 20, 25, and 30 seconds with 1:45 reload from tier 8 to 10, and will be given to American, Commonwealth, Soviet heavy cruisers and British cruisers t8 and above, in replace for hydro on heavy cruisers. The rest will get DFAA. All american BBs above t8 will also get DFAA, because it is stupid one line currently has it, and the line that was notorious for excessive AA does not have it.

Spotting: Only fighter planes will be able to spot ships, and they will spot them at the detection by air ranges that are present today. Bombers will be able to spot planes, and ships firing their AA defenses, or ships within 6.5 kilometres that do not have air concealment better than 6.5.

Perks per nation: (hangar size for t8)

American: reasonably tanky planes, large hangar space (90), very good bombs, good torpedoes, but slow torpedo planes and average speed bombers. Fighters are durable, rather fast, but turn poorly. Decent firepower, large ammo storage but mediocre damage.

Japanese: Fragile planes, reasonably large hangar space (80), ok AP bombs, excellent torpedoes, fast torpedo planes, fast bombers. Very fragile fighters, but they have excellent speed, and turn radius. Very powerful firepower, but low ammo.

British: Very tanky planes, small hangar space (66), good bombs, good torpedoes. Moderately slow planes. Fighters are durable, rather slow, but turn well. Good firepower, with moderately large ammo storage.

German: Rather fragile planes, moderately small hangar space (72), excellent bombs, fast but light torpedoes, rather fast bombers and very fast torpedoes bombers. Fighters are very fast, and moderate turn speed. Very good firepower, with moderately low ammo storage.

TL:DR Old rts style, except fighters regenerate, and attack aircraft and bombers can not. Attack aircraft and bombers are controlled they way they are today. 10 squadrons, using 1-0 keys. Planes can go to different altitudes to dodge AA. AA ranges buffed a bit, fighter consumable buffed, and new AA consumable that deletes planes out of existence. Spotting only done by fighters, and bombers can spot mostly at close ranges.

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