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Idea for Tier-III/IV Operation: Hunt the Goeben

WorldOfWarships1 - Idea for Tier-III/IV Operation: Hunt the Goeben

I found this rough concept while cleaning up my hard drive. It's not comprehensive, but I figured it was worth sharing anyway.

The pursuit of SMS Goeben & SMS Breslau is a pretty spectacular account of a running battle — with the emphasis firmly on the running, not the battle. But more than that, it's a perfect case illustrating the importance of urgency and proper communication.

This action translates well as an in-game Operation and provides an opportunity to introduce a new type of "running battle" scenario into the Operations catalogue. Specifically, it offers a great opportunity to explore low-tier gameplay with a focus on scouting and resource denial.


The main contributing factor to the successful escape of SMS Goeben and SMS Breslau was a lack of urgency and poor communication, but it is often forgotten that the escape was only made possible by the ready supply of coal from merchant vessels in the region. This sets an effective backdrop for an untypical Operation; to be successful, the escape of Goeben and Breslau must be halted by the destruction and denial of available colliers, leading to a sea battle between the two fleeing vessels and the players.
The primary objective(s) would be:
A) Prevent the escape of Goeben and Breslau, and
B) Destroy Goeben and Breslau
Secondary objectives would include:
i) the destruction of a certain number of colliers before Goeben and Breslau can reach certain checkpoints
ii) scouting location "Messina" (detaches player ship from main pursuit but reveals new waypoint on map leading to sighting pursued ships)
iii) protecting opposite-steaming convoy (detaches player ship to simulate the historical complication of need to protect friendly troop convoys — (iv) might include fourth secondary objective of fictional fort suppression for some excitement)
Restricting this operation to Tier-III/IV cruisers and destroyers simulates the heavy use of cruisers and destroyers in the historical chase. However, the players will be accompanied by battlecruisers Indefatigable and Indomitable. Shore batteries may also be included to simulate Turkish defenses of the Dardenelles to lessen the disparity between the superior pursuing force and the two pursued German vessels.

The Operation would also serve to introduce the possibility of low tier cruisers and battlecruisers to the game in the forms of Goeben, Breslau, Indefatigable and Indomitable, in addition to the possibility for some low tier French and British premium cruisers.

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