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Idea to Balance/Add Counterplay to CVs: Fighter Plane Rework

WorldOfWarships4 - Idea to Balance/Add Counterplay to CVs: Fighter Plane Rework


The purpose of this write-up is to propose a means of balancing CV spotting mechanics, adding meaningful counterplay, and promoting a more supportive playstyle for Aircraft Carriers. While I am a CV main, I also acknowledge that the class is very imbalanced. Note that this proposal does not try to tackle the issue of Rocket planes + DDs, but focuses on another subject: CV fighters.

The Problem:

CV's are not punished at all for aggressive Fighter consumable placement.

In their current state, CV Fighter consumables offer multi-faceted utility for CV captains:

  • Defensive placement over allied targets
  • Offensive spotting placement in aggressive positions
  • Consistent, instant supply of strategic fighters regardless of how the CV player has fared in the game

In practice, CV Fighters are often best used away from their team to spot enemies while the player simultaneously farms damage. The logic is that while I could prevent a strike (5-15k damage) on my team, the potential 30k+ damage from the Fighters acting as spotters will help my team more. This, combined with the lack of consequences for lost fighters, means that CV's aren't incentivized to play for spotting or defensively at all.

WG's Current Stance:

Here are two statements taken from the recent 'Results of Clan Season IX: Warrior's Path' article about CVs.

A number of factors, including the impact of the quick and efficient spotting potential from aircraft carriers… lead to frustration.

We often faced a proposal to reduce the reconnaissance potential of the “Fighter” consumable by reducing its visibility range. We thought about this option, but for now, we want to maintain the same general principles for the “spotting” mechanics for all aircraft and first try to reduce their efficiency by using the changes described above." (referring to DD detectability range)

Using Wargaming's current stance on the CV role and spotting systems, I have created an idea which would satisfy their views, while adding to the strategic counterplay and decision-making of players.

The Proposal:

Replace CV Fighter consumables with a supplementary 4th airplane Fighter class. These planes would not be selectable on their own, but would instead be added to other squadrons as an escort unit. Fighter plane regeneration/recovery time would work in the same way that the rest of CV planes do, in order to hurt/reward the player for good patrol placement.

Fighters would still have the ability to defend an area / provide spotting damage as currently, with specific caveats:

  • after completing a defensive patrol, surviving fighters would return to the CV

  • Regeneration times would restrict how many fighters can be deployed in a game, if enough are destroyed by AA


Additionally, as trade-off for requiring a conscious decision to bring Fighters as escort, the 5 to 6 second 'set-up' period currently seen in Fighter Consumables would be removed, for more responsive squadron damage. In this way, CVs would have the ability to agressively run their fighters into unprotected enemy squadrons, to influence CV impact. Thematically, this makes much more sense rather than numerous fighters randomly dropping from the clouds on command.

Finally, a maximum of one Fighter squadron would be allowed per CV on the map at a time. If one is already set up in a patrol, the player would need to recall it before sending more out.

What this change would do:

  1. CV players would be punished for losing fighters in aggressive positioning, while they attempt to deal damage.
  2. Conservation of defensive-minded squadrons would incentivize supportive play-styles. At the same time, this would force CV players to make a decision to deal damage OR manually spot for their team – not both at the same time.
  3. Increased CV-to-CV interaction, which would feature more of a metaphorical 'chess match' between skilled players.
  4. Thematically accurate Fighter launching, instead of mystical short-range fighters magically popping out of the stratosphere without a launch or landing platform.
  5. Enemy players would feel rewarded for destroying a full squadron of fighters, as opposed to the current meaningless consumable number. Even smoked-up DDs would be contributing by killing a few planes if fighters are dropped over-top of them.

How WG would do it:

  • The fighters would have a regeneration timer just like the other squadron types.
  • To add fighters as escort, you would first press '4' for Fighters, then the main squadron you want to use.
  • Fighters would have a second 'Health Bar' above the squadron they are escorting. If dropped behind or recalled, their health bar would disappear.
  • Damage to the escort formation would also apply to the fighter planes.
  • If fighters are still escorting a squadron which begins an attack run, they would travel with the squadron portion which is not attacking. If none remain, the fighters will attempt to recall to the CV.
  • Graphically, the icons for Rockets/Torpedos/Dive Bombers would be modified while Fighters are escorting. This could look like a crosshair outside of the other icon, or some other visible means of letting other players know the difference in plane squadrons.
  • All ship launched Fighter consumables would remain the same as current implementation, including the ones automatically launched by CVs.

Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to share my idea in its entirety. While this wouldn't outright fix the CV problem, it would offer a few large changes towards playstyle and decisionmaking of CV players, and those who are forced to play against them.

Please offer criticism/suggestions in the comments, whichever way you think this could best be implemented (if at all).

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