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Ideas for changing secondaries now that the skill rework is coming, WG, listen and change the formula please!

WorldOfWarships6 - Ideas for changing secondaries now that the skill rework is coming, WG, listen and change the formula please!

Hello everyone, as there is a wall of text incoming, you can find a summary in bold and a TL; DR about the ideas that I will talk about at the end of the post, but I encourage you to do the full read. Also, I would like to warn you that English is not my first language and you'll probably find mistakes despite my effort not to make them. Here I go 🙂


With the recent announcement of WG increasing the range of secondary guns on all ships with the commander skill rework, I think it's a good time to share some ideas about secondary guns that had come to my mind playing World of Warships in the last few years, especially when considering that we won't have another chance like this rework for a long time.

I'd like to organize this post like:


Deficiency that I found:


Proposed solution (If dispersion changes are involved):



I don't want to change the dispersion as it is: the whole idea is to improve the "aimed spot" so shells land where you expect them to do, to save us from some frustration after spending 15-19 points with secondary skills. You know, shells landing short at close ranges (Kaga example on final summary) or far behind that sneaky Mogador with engine boost and Sierra Mike flag. These ideas are very "raw" and very much refinable in WG hands, so in them we trust. I hope this is one of the times they listen hahaha

I'd appreciate that you read the whole text before posting o7


The lead is very poor CHAPTER I (UNBOUNDED SPEED):

I understand that if someone is actively trying to dodge fire from my secondary guns they should be able to do it, but currently a little ship going full forward will mean the vast majority of my shells landing in the water behind them, this is very noticeable against destroyers at max range.

Proposed solution (there's no need to change current dispersion):

Since the AI doesn't consider what the player is going to do in the immediate future (In fact, that would be unfair) and focuses on the current position, vector and speed, what if WG adds a small change to the formula so the aiming spot goes X units of distance ahead? The same amount of distance for all ships, but setting the X quantity with the smallest DD's in mind, so largest BB's will receive hits pretty much in the center of the ship, being noticeable only for DD's.

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This way shells will land closer to the center of ships going full forward and closer to the fore of the ship when going backwards (much slower, so the problem won't be that noticeable). WG can make this in a way that when the speed is negative, the "extra lead" is reversed or nullified, or even 150% "extra lead" at 45 knots, 100% "extra lead" at 30 knots, 50% "extra lead" at 15 knots and so on.

The lead is very poor CHAPTER II (THE BOUNDARIES):

The lead problem also affects ships that are in map boundaries, as boundaries are not detected by the AI and shells land outside them. I think that boundary huggers are somewhat harder to hit, so they don't need immunity to secondary guns on top of that.

Proposed solution (there's no need to change current dispersion):

This one seems is easier to solve, as you just have to change the formula in a way that if one target is on the boundaries of the map, it will consider that the ship will move on the same vector (map limit) back and forward until the boundary is abandoned.


Aiming set to the belt armor:

Another common complaint is about shells landing on the belt and not the superstructure. Every ship has a superstructure, and it's the easiest spot to pen with HE secondary shells, so…

Proposed solution (theres no need to change current dispersion):


Another little tweak to the formula, so shells aim for the deck: it wouldn't be noticeable at large distances and it wouldn't be THAT noticeable at short ranges if it's paired with the solution of my next worry about secondaries.


At short ranges shells go for the little tiny center of the ship:

Nothing to explain. You are 1Km. away of that battleship and doing 0 damage, with all those explosions, infuriating…

Proposed solution (close range dispersion has to INCREASE/optional decreasing to maximum dispersion):

Aaaand another tweak to the formula, this time involving dispersion, so shells have more dispersion on shorter ranges (is more dispersion bad? good?), and an optional little buff to large distances dispersion, now that manual secondaries will drop to -35% dispersion.


Maybe, to not mess with current non-secondary builds, that are pretty accurate at VERY short ranges but not the "only-belt accurate", a fixed minimum amount of dispersion would be enough.

All these 4 proposals together will end in:

⦁ Shells landing a little higher, more chance to hit superstructure and less to hit water. You know, that DD rushing your Kaga at 3 km, your 200mm guns are about to shoot and… frrrt (farting onomatopoeia), 1 hit, 1 shell too high, and 3 water.


⦁ Shells will land a little forward, meaning that shells will hit a lot more when the target is at large distances, and pretty much the same when your target is close to you.

⦁ Boundary huggers will have another reason to cease on their filthy intentions, as secondary guns will be hitting them anyways.

⦁ Shells will hit superstructures at close ranges too, right now the current formula means that, as I said, at 1 Km, shells go for the little tiny center of the ship, and that means 0 damage 90% of the time if we exclude destroyers.

If these ideas are added to the game, secondary efficiency will increase, nullifing in some way the incoming nerf to the manual secondaries. In the end, WG can balance the game tweaking as they want, but I would like these ideas to be implemented. Do the balance with dispersion, but move the aiming spot so the center of the dispersion leads to where we want the shells to hit. Gunners are drunk enough so the secondary dispersion is 10 times the primary dispersion, there's no need of shooting every salvo like a 40% player ^^'


To end this thread, I want to share another idea, not that important if we compare it with the ones above, but it will make secondary guns consistent with how AA works with different ranges, specially now with the AA rework involving warning flaks.

Why secondary guns start shooting at the same exact moment? Now Bismarck starts the blasting at 11,3 Km. What if the 150mm started at 12Km and the 105mm at 10Km. Maybe WG will have to do some tweaks for balancing, but right now they're like: "C.Colombo has 90mm secondary guns with 5Km range and 152mm with… 5Km range… D'OH!" Why WG specify ranges if it's ALWAYS the same on all the guns? With different ranges for different gun sizes you give to BB players the option to draw or not to draw attention before starting all the blasting, and you give targets some warnings before having all the blasting on them.

TL;DR: Dispersion remains pretty much the same, shells landing a little higher, a little forward, broader at close ranges and hitting boundary huggers. Maybe different gun sizes having different ranges.


PD: Fix autopilot, I'm not discussing it because I'm sure there's a lot of considerations when calculating paths, but you have to do something about it WG.

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