World of Warships

Ideas for changing the on summon fighters and AA sectors

WorldOfWarships5 - Ideas for changing the on summon fighters and AA sectors

On Summon Fighters

The summon fighter squads currently on the PTS feel out of place with the rest of the rework in my opinion. To bring player agency back into the fighters, I suggest that all squads have the summon fighter feature removed in favor of the following.

Each carrier gets 2 rocket attack fighter squads in addition to the bomber squad and torpedo squad. Each rocket squad can be used as patrol fighters by pressing T, they would then patrol an area similar in size to the on summon fighter squads. The patrolling rocket squads would patrol an area for 2-3 minutes before returning back to the carrier to refuel and regroup. If you had used some of the squad to perform rocket attacks beforehand thus reducing squad size, then only the planes remaining in the squad would perform the patrol.

AA Sectors

The current sectors for AA coverage does seem like it could be split into quadrants instead of a port and starboard sector. The new quadrants would be forward, port, starboard, and aft. If you decided to reinforce a quadrant, it would reduce the efficiency of the opposite quadrant.

For example, you see a dive bomber attack being lined up from the rear portion of your ship. You therefore reinforce the efficiency of the aft quadrant AA to 125%, which reduces the forward AA quadrant to 75% and leaves the port/starboard quadrants at 100%.

Now you notice a torpedo bomber run lining up on your starboard side and reinforce the efficiency of the starboard quadrant. Quadrants after reinforcing the starboard side

Since the quadrants are covering half of what the AA sectors would be, the switching time to reinforce a quadrant should also be reduced by half.

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