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IFHE Training Room Test #1: 130mm Smolensk: IFHE vs Non-IFHE

WorldOfWarships2 - IFHE Training Room Test #1: 130mm Smolensk: IFHE vs Non-IFHE

IFHE Training Room Testing on 130mm Russian Guns. (Smol):

(the below links are to the 2 other Smolensk tests that I carried out posted on an open fb group)

(Test 2 link here:
1351079561705647 - IFHE Training Room Test #1: 130mm Smolensk: IFHE vs Non-IFHE )

(Test 3 link here: )

So I have been doing a lot of testing in the training room and the main question has been whether to take IFHE on the Smol seeing as IFHE has a big effect on this gun boat since it crosses 2 major armour boundaries – 25 and 27mm.


My setup was to pick some random boats (didn't think too hard about which ones, but in my next test I will pick boats that are directly affected by IFHE pen changes). In this case I picked:

  • Monty
  • Goliath
  • DM
  • Rep
  • GK

I sat my boat about 3km away broadside on to the nearest boat and shot at them in this particular way:

  1. Shoot super structure part 1 until fire
  2. move to next super structure until fire
  3. move to rear of boat until fire
  4. move to front of boat until fire
  5. repeat

I timed using my phone, using the lap system, so about 3 seconds aiming time on each boat, but this is the same for all boats so does not affect results. I then logged the data down. I did 5 battles with IFHE and 5 without. Here are the results.



  1. IFHE was a small amount faster overall against a mainly BB enemy field, which I chose to bias no IFHE.
  2. No IFHE had the biggest range between times
  3. IFHE was more consistent.
  4. IFHE had significantly more pens compared to no IFHE
  5. No IFHE gave me a 10% increase in fire damage. In a normal game I get about 50k fire damage average, so this will account for 5k damage if this test is reliable.
  6. IFHE build struggled against high armoured boats like GK and Rep.
  7. IFHE build was significantly faster against cruisers.


IMO (I must stress that) IFHE is still required on Russian gun boats that use 130mm guns. You WILL lose 4% fire chance which equates to roughly 10% in fire damage overall. I personally value consistency efficiency over RNG when it comes to battles. IF you plan to farm fires on BB's at range, sure go full fire build, but this is a poor way to play the Smol (in this case). You are going be far less effective against cruisers which are arguably a more significant objective to kill than a BB. The argument against IFHE would be that becuase of your armour nerf cruisers are now FAR more punishing against you, so therefore avoid combat with them in open waters. This means you may be more likely to target BB's. Also you will be saving 4 points to use on a different build such as concealment, SI, or Se – which ever one you chose to forgo.

Further thoughts. This logic/method can be applied to all boats that may want to choose IFHE, most significantly, 32mm BB plating and 152s.

I would appreciate your thoughts.


Results Data:

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