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IFHE Training Room Test #3: 130mm Smolensk: IFHE vs Non-IFHE – Final Conclusions.

WorldOfWarships4 - IFHE Training Room Test #3: 130mm Smolensk: IFHE vs Non-IFHE - Final Conclusions.

TEST #3: IFHE Training Room Testing on Russian 130mm Guns.

I chose to not post #2 to Reddit. (Test 2 link here:
1351079561705647 - IFHE Training Room Test #3: 130mm Smolensk: IFHE vs Non-IFHE - Final Conclusions. )

(Test 1: Link here: )

This is the third and final test for the Smolensk. This test is going to isolate relevant and irrelevant IFHE boats tested with and without IFHE. To explain this further I will be doing a Test 3a with only boats where IFHE is not important, which is BB's and DD's (plus Mino). IFHE does not help pass any amrour boundaries, the pen should be the same for both builds. If should be clear that a non-IFHE build would be better here, but we need to carry out this test as a control for the second test.


Test 3a will consist of 5 boats that do not require IFHE to have any advantage over it. These are:

  • GK (19mm + 40mm)
  • Monty (19mm + 38mm)
  • Rep (19mm + 32mm)
  • Mino (16mm + 19mm)
  • Gearing (16mm + 19mm)

There are no armour thicknesses where IFHE would gain any advantage. I will be using the previous method of attack where I set 1 fire and move to the next module and repeat until all the ship is on fire, then move to the next ship regardless if its dead with the idea that it will burn down. Once I have done that to all ships I will repeat until they are all dead. Test 3b will be the same with one major change, and this is changing the boats to be all IFHE relevant boats, which are T10 cruisers with 25 or 27mm of plating. This means that a non-IFHE build will not be able to pen these areas and will shatter, but will still be able to light fires faster than the IFHE build. We will see if the higher fire chance will compensate for the lack of pen. The boats used in Test 3b are:

  • Mosk
  • Zao
  • Hinde
  • Henry
  • Worc

method of attack on these 5 boats is as follows:

  1. Attack super structure until fire
  2. Move to next super structure until fire
  3. Move to stern until fire
  4. Move to Bow until fire
  5. Move to next boat until all boats have been set alight
  6. Repeat until all boats dead.


Test 3a – BB's and DD's (non-relevant IFHE ships):

  1. IFHE was 23% slower than Non-IFHE to kill all 5 boats
  2. IFHE had a 12% higher alpha over non-IFHE
  3. IFHE build did 10% less fire damage due to lower fire %.
  4. Non-IFHE build had a significantly higher % of starting fires.

Test 3b – T10 Cruisers (IFHE relevant ships):

  1. IFHE was significantly faster at killing all 5 ships by 34%
  2. IFHE alpha was significantly higher then non IFHE by 33%
  3. IFHE average pen was 21% higher
  4. IFHE had about HALF the fire damage compared to non-IFHE but only 11% less chance.
  5. IFHE build had 60% more chance of pen compared to non-IFHE.


Overall, when you take an average between both tests, IFHE was able to kill all 10 ships 5% faster than non-IFHE – remember this is 5 relevant and non-relevant IFHE ships. Therefore I can conclude that if you take IFHE you will be getting an average 5% DPM buff over not taking it, even when you are mainly farming fires. IFHE build has a heavy advantage over non-IFHE when targeting cruisers and here we have to weigh up how you choose to play. I believe it is important to target objectively important ships such as radar cruisers and high DPM ships as this is more likely to gain you a win overall for your team. The main criticism of Smolensk is that it is a BB fire farmer, and cannot have a significant effect on the out come of a game. I still believe it is highly important to cross the 25 and 27mm armour boundaries to be more effective in a random battle. There will be many times you will be facing down a T10 cruiser, bow in, or bow poking out, where IFHE will be able to wreck it, and without IFHE he will wreck you. To make the argument for a non-IFHE build I would say you are saving 4 points to spend on other strategic captain skills such as SI SE or CE. You may even want to convert over to a full 19km cancer-smol. But as outlined above you are not going to be particularly helpful for your team if you are sitting 18km away firing HE on BB's in smoke, plus you will have a significantly lower DPM overall.


I will be testing lower ROF 152mm guns that need to pass 32mm BB plating. Mainly T8.


Results Data:

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