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IFHE Yoshino/Azuma build in current meta with high Russian/IJN BB Populations.

WorldOfWarships6 - IFHE Yoshino/Azuma build in current meta with high Russian/IJN BB Populations.

(Probably Unpopular) Opinion: IFHE is a viable skill for Yoshino/Azuma in the current meta and its high Russian and IJN BB populations. This is only true assuming a high Russian/IJN BB population persists, which should be the case for some time to come. If not there are free respecs every few months.


– High accuracy and low dispersion of Yoshino/Azuma volleys allow high hit percentage, translates to continuous high alpha damage from HE shells and with so many hits a minor decrease in fire% shouldn't be significant.

– Fire damage on Russian BB's completely unreliable due to their special damage con, and their armour scheme leaves them highly resistant to both HE and AP penetration damage unless close range broadside, which is easy to guard against. In effect IFHE will turn these two super cruisers into Russian BB solutions.- Base fire chance per shell of 27% not too badly affected by IFHE, to 24%

– Captain build for these ships can spare the 4 points.

Effect of IFHE:

– Large 60mm upper belt, deck and icebreaker bow sections of Russian Kremlin and Sov. Soyuz can be penned.

– 57mm deck sections of Yamato, Musashi and Izumo can be penned.

– (extra bonus) 60mm icebreaker bow sections of KM BBs GK, FdG, Bismarck and Tirpitz can be penned.


– Russian BBs in general are extremely difficult to pen unless broadside and close (especially for Azuma/Yoshino) so this will increase damage immensely


– IJN BB's tend to be bow-on and having the entire 57mm deck available will also increase damage significantly

– When firing at bows of KM BB's it'd be nice to be able to have the entire bow section available to hit.

So here is my probably unpopular opinion. IFHE is a worthwhile skill for high-skillpoint Azuma/Yoshino captains in the current meta and ship populations. Hell if Kremlins start appearing in clan battles an IFHE Yoshino might be a testable option as a possible counter.

Final notes on other ships:- Hipper, Prinz Eugen, Roon and Hindenburg can also achieve this pen with IFHE, but in these cases I would say it is definitely *not* worth it, as the base fire chance is already too low on KM HE shells, and the cost to fires will not be worth the ability to pen. (And KM HE alpha is low, so loss of already low fire chance to gain low alpha damage is not worth it)

– This would also apply to all other 305/310mm supercruisers, but I would say that it doesn't ever make sense for them.

Disclaimer: I have neither Azuma nor Yoshino and I currently do not plan on getting either. To be consistently effective in either of these ships requires a playstyle that does not appeal to me.

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