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I’m an alpha player and I’m worried about the state of the game.

WorldOfWarships2 - I'm an alpha player and I'm worried about the state of the game.

Alright, here's the deal. This is kinda long, and I'm kinda dumb in randoms sometimes, I get pretty salty, and I'm not the end-all-be-all authority on the game. I know what I'm saying isn't unique or revolutionary. Please don't take this as me whining, I'm really not trying to whine, I'm just worried about the game is all. I know that this isn't anything that hasn't been said before, I just feel like I'd be remiss if I didn't try and speak out for the game.

sub octavian - I'm an alpha player and I'm worried about the state of the game.

/u/sub_octavian, I don't mean to tag you arbitrarily but if you wanted to see my input that'd be cool.

I've been in since alpha. For the first time in five years, I was in my iwaki alpha in randoms a couple weeks ago and had bots on the enemy team in the middle of the day. Okay, that's weird. Played my ArkB and two out of three matches had bots on either side. This has NEVER happened before in the middle of the day.

I mean you're a new player. You start the game. After you get out of co-op only, you go into randoms. You immediately get screwed by double CVs at tier four or five where your ship has thoughts and prayers to send up against the enemy aircraft because of the no AA / AA rework, and the enemy aircraft are turbo easy to use. Not that I'm saying the RTS CVs were balanced, they weren't, they were a separate gameplay to the rest of the ships with a high skill cap and if you knew what you were doing could deplane the enemy CV and just have free range against most the enemy. But it seems like CVs got completely pushed to the other direction with the rework. Not only that, but you have a large (comparatively to higher tiers) amounts of seal clubbers.

Now, that's fine on its own, Iwaki Alpha is a known seal murderer, so is Clemson, and basically any other ship if you know how to use it. But you add CVs, maybe add a couple of British BBs that can long range spam HE (and you don't know not to heal the first fire or flood because WG doesn't have a tutorial system), maybe a couple pan asian DDs with deep water torps and you don't know to vary your speed and heading yet. You think of battleships like in Jutland, where they line up side by side with the enemy and duke it out, like I did when I first started, and end up giving massive broadside to the enemy fleet because you don't know that the way this game works is with angling.

Hell, maybe you're in a knife fight with a DD and try to get your torps off close range against an enemy DD and neglect your guns at all and get nuked because the only way to learn without slogging through it is you have to pull a Star Wars Sequels and have to go to outside media to learn anything because the game doesn't tell you anything,


and suddenly it isn't fun.

Okay, so you pull a Warthunder and just slog through the low tiers…. except, wait, you don't. The economy of the game has become a breeze to grind, it's the opposite of Warthunder, which I gave up on after catching on fire twenty thousand times and being unable to put it out for the first 30 games in each ship.

It took me two years to grind Yamato and I played every day. For the research bureau grind I reset, like, five lines for Ohio, and grinded out three lines in four or five months. I grinded through to tier five in a day or two per line. Now I understand, I'm biased, I have experience and flags and got gifted a FUCKload of premium time. But the flags, the camos, etc. make it to where you just blast through lower tiers without time to really learn your role. Without any tutorial, this, in my opinion, is how you get tier 8, 9, and 10 ships that zerg rush in, DC one fire/flood, and then get spammed to death for it.

And all those mistakes are fine on their own! If it was only at low tiers. But you blast to high tiers so fast that suddenly, you're facing straight cancer, like tier 8 and 10 CVs, Colberts, French DDs, Minotaurs and Smolensks that you don't know how to smoke fire at, the EXTREME oversaturation of high tier radar so even if you play it right, bam radar, or maybe here in a month or two you were one of the poor uninformed souls that decided to do the Tier 10 Ersatz-Colorado US BB line, which considering the aforementioned reasons become a nightmare to play if you're a newbie.

What would you do? You'd quit on the spot. If I hadn't been here five years and admittedly sunk a lot of money in this game over that time, I would have said screw this like I did with Warthunder and Refight: the Last Warship and gone back to Pacific Storm and Battlestations: Pacific.

What I'm getting at is it's really disheartening to see bots in tier 4 randoms because it's proof to me that WG is killing the game, and by virtue of them not listening to CCs and Supertesters… man, this shit sucks. I want the game to be healthy. This isn't healthy.

I guess my question is,
sub octavian - I'm an alpha player and I'm worried about the state of the game.

/u/sub_octavian… why are the developers okay with this continuing?

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