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In an effort to be proactive regarding the WoWs Calendar – A template for keeping all the events we have, but making them less painful.

WorldOfWarships3 - In an effort to be proactive regarding the WoWs Calendar - A template for keeping all the events we have, but making them less painful.

XAz9IWo - In an effort to be proactive regarding the WoWs Calendar - A template for keeping all the events we have, but making them less painful.

The attached link includes a template of the 2020 calendar. To the right you see a key for color coding. I've laid out what seems to be a reasonable format that could be used to include all the current events, giving everyone the opportunity to grind as much or as little as they like, while making it feasible to actually do nearly everything for the most active portion of the player base. I'd really be interested in any comments by
suboctavian - In an effort to be proactive regarding the WoWs Calendar - A template for keeping all the events we have, but making them less painful.

/u/suboctavian or other WG reps as to how to implement something like this. Fwiw, this entire exercise only took me about 20-30 mins. I'm sure it could use some tweaking and additions, but I think it is a nice skeleton to work off of. If you care to understand why I think I have a decent perspective, I'll give my argument for that at the end.

First, the logic adhered to in forming this calendar.

Clan Battles have varied in length, but often fall between 6-8 weeks long. I've set up Clan Battles to be 7 weeks long with a 6 week break between each season. Since each year has 52 weeks, this could be a perpetual cycle that could be planned for by both WG and the player base. Ranked seasons have also varied a little in length, but I used 4 weeks as a standard season. I've set up Ranked Seasons to start approx 10 days after the end of each Clan Battles season and to end about 5 days before the next season. As these are likely the two most important events on the calendar, this allows for no overlap and a small rest between each, while still keeping one of them active almost all the time. Clan Brawls events are put on the calendar during the Clan Battles off season. The way I laid it out there would be one Clan Brawls session the weekend after Clan Battles ended, and there would be a session every other weekend until the start of the next Clan Battles season. I alternated having them on Saturdays and Sundays. Sprint Ranked includes 11 or 12 day seasons, during the Clan Battles season. One session starts the first Friday of Clan Battles, the second starts 2.5 weeks after the first session ends. If WG wanted to cram 3 Sprint Ranked sessions in each Clan Battles season, I suppose they could. I laid out one seasonal event each quarter, as there are often things like the Bathtub brawls (a couple Aprils ago), Spooky Ops, etc. I also included the normal time for the Anniversary event.

As you may notice, there is plenty of time in March, June, Sept, and Dec (once a quarter) for WG to insert other events at will. Perhaps this is when they drop new content that requires grindy events for early access. Possibly they add in a few more sessions of Sprint Ranked or Clan Brawls. Maybe this is when KotS, Wargames, Shipstorm, and other competitive events schedule their tournaments. A calendar like this would surely be a favor to these important contributors to our community. The format isn't perfect, as it required one Clan Brawls event to be on July 4th, which might hamper participation on the NA server. But we have to remember that most holidays are not worldwide, and at times there will be an inconvenient event for certain servers.


Here's why I even bother with this.

I care about the game. I care about the community. I have a lot of time, money, and energy invested. There are some really awesome players I get to enjoy playing with regularly. I've seen too many really good players quit the game due to burnout, and too many good clans dissolve and disappear because of the grinds. WG and others can claim the grinds are optional, or people can pick and choose what to participate in, but for the most active/competitive portion of the community (who likely spend the most money and spread word of mouth advertising the most about the game), it is simply untrue. You have to have the new ships and captains quickly to stay competitive as individuals and as clans.

FWIW, I command the Kill Steal community (NA), which includes KSC, KSD, and KSE. Our core group in KSC has been together in this game since well before Season One of Clan Battles. We took our previous clan to Typhoon 1 and Hurricane the first two seasons. We struck out on our own towards the end of Season Two and have been Typhoon 1 or Hurricane ever since. Since KSD was formed it has always been Typhoon 1. KSE was also Typhoon last season. So we have about 115-120 active guys who play almost all of the events I've listed on the calendar, and play them really well. Our biggest gains in recruiting have been at times that other clans failed at managing the people side, or weren't big enough to sustain themselves from burnout. We've absorbed multiple Typhoon or Hurricane clans in the last two years because those groups couldn't sustain what WG was throwing at them. As much as that has been KS's gain, I think it is a loss to the community. The more clans, including smaller clans, that can participate and have fun in those events, the more those same players stick around, spend money, get their friends to play, and continue to build the community. Because we have the luxury of having 115-120 active players, and probably 25+ players who spend a lot of time on organizing our clans' efforts, so far we are managing the burnout through teamwork. We've still lost 10-15 good members over the last year or 18 months to burnout despite that. Over that time I've come to realize that the biggest enemy we have as a group is not other clans, it isn't RNG or suspected cheating, it is the cadence of the events being thrown at us by WG, and the short notice that often goes along with those events. Hopefully some effort will be put into managing the calendar in a reasonable way, and better communication about coming events. Otherwise I fear for the end result of the competitive/clan communities in this game.

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