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In my opinion there is a big difference in what the community thinks this game should be and what the developers want it to be.

WorldOfWarships4 - In my opinion there is a big difference in what the community thinks this game should be and what the developers want it to be.

Hello folks,

after watching Faras video about the developer response I came here to see opinions on the topic. Honestly, I am shocked about how much misconception there seems to be in this community about what the game is intended to be and what it should be.
Bear with me please.

  • "The vast majority of players want X."
    • I am sorry to say but even with the official forums, we who voice our concerns and opinions are not the vast majority. In any game. For every person here there are probably 9 people who don't give a damn.
    • There are so many posts and answers here about how bad individual players are or how bad the teams have been today. THAT is the vast majority. This game is casual.
  • The argument about auto consumables and single entity control brought up the "Our players are dumb and we don't want to overburden them." – translation.
    • Well, alot of people here argue for that themselfs.
    • It is not about thinking the playerbase is stupid but the tone you want to set when developing a game. WoWs, aswell as WoT and WoWp, are casual by design. There is no ranked MM and frankly, the number of active players probably wouldn't allow it.
      • Yes, you could manage that with longer queue times but again, they have said multiple times that one core element is fast MM. At one point a WoT dev said something like:
        "The game is designed for the 40 year old husband wanting to play a quick game while waiting for his wife to ready up to go out for dinner."
        This is a pretty good description in my opinion.
  • In my opinion, people are searching something in this game that is not intended by the developers. Competetive, high skill gaming.
    • The issue is, there is not really a competing product. This game, as well as the other "World of" – titles, is pretty unique and that is one of the reasons they are so successful. So people WANT it to be that game that is still missing.
    • Having such an competetive environment requires a certain amount of player numbers if you want to maintain a casual environment as well. This would be stressing the MM to a degree where you can't get into a match fast.
      • Let's do a bit of math here:
        Say you want an average queue time of under 30s and your average game time is around 12 minutes including spending some time in port.
        To ensure a 30s queue you would have to start 24 games over the period of 12 minutes. A game has 24 players so that amounts to 576 players to fill up those games.
        Now, that is 576 players per tier. There is some overlapping since we have, at least on the higher tiers, a +-2 matchmaking bracket. So, for the sake of it, lets say we have 5 tier brackets. That's already 2880 players needed.
        Then there are ranked seasons, which is not really a competetive environment as everyone can play it, Coop and Operations all adding additional quese.
        Adding another environment with very strict matchmaking rules would stress that further.
      • It is all about the quick queues and short gameplay.
  • The reactions of this community towards WG Officials is just appauling.
    • When WG officials come here to inform and discuss they are greeted with some of the worst "feedback" I have seen. It is rude, misinformed and opinionated garbage treated as fact because you disagree. The developers don't have to come here. It is additional work for them or even their free time. It is an additional service and some people here are so entitled as to think that it is a mandatory job requierment.
      Don't get me wrong, I think a game, the community and developers benefit alot from these kind of interactions but coming here and being spat in your face would turn me away as well.
    • If you are of a different opinion about a game mechanic or gameplay feature, that is ok. Communicate about it, tell the devs what you think but ultimately, you are one data point to which the game has to be designed. They have all the data while we can only speculate a lot.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that your playstyle is how everyone should play this game. The developers have every right to design their game as they want if they think that is how the majority of players are happy with it. If they are wrong, the game will fail, if not, it'll be around for years.
Many have proclaimed WoT dying for the very reasons I pointed out above, me included by the way, and yet, here it is, still going.


In the end, if you are really not enjoying the game because it is too casual for you, nobody is forcing you to play. Vote with your wallet and presence if you think the game is going into the wrong direction. Give feedback, CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK, about why you think this is going wrong and suggest other options. Just remember, you are but one data point and not the yardstick.

Have a nice Sunday everyone.

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