World of Warships

Increased chance for certain ships for each type of Santa Box

WorldOfWarships2 - Increased chance for certain ships for each type of Santa Box

Tipped off by u/Scurry5's post and also u/orkel2's comment in this post, it seems like early results are showing that there are certain ships that have an increased chance of popping up for each santa box.

Santa's Gift (small)

  • VI Anshan

  • VI Perth

  • VI Dunkerque

Santa's Big Gift (medium)

  • V Krasny Krym

  • VII Z-39

  • VII Ashitaka

  • VII Nueve de Julio

Santa's Mega Gift (large)

  • VI T-61

  • VI Monaghan

  • VIII Prinz Eugen

  • VIII Roma

  • VIII Kii

Although of course we're still talking about ~10% drop rate for ships, knowing that these ships have increased chances is information that can be valuable when choosing which box to buy…

If you want one of the ships, then of course buy the corresponding boxes for a good shot at them. However, if you want a higher chance of other ships (like the Missouri or Belfast), it might be smarter to go for the box in which you own more of the ships with increased chance already, in order to trigger the supercontainer (which shows up when you get a ship you already own) for another ship out of the general pool. And of course if you do not want one of the ships above (like the Nueve de Julio for… reasons) then you might want to consider one of the other boxes!

Hopefully this helps some people make a decision on which box to get or how to best spend their money. Of course, we're still talking about luck and gambling, so the best advice would be to not participate at all.

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