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Interview of Sub_Octavian with german gaming website about current shipyard/Oding event

WorldOfWarships5 - Interview of Sub_Octavian with german gaming website about current shipyard/Oding event


Translated with (far better than google translate, I believe everyone can understand this, dont have the time to translate it myself right now)

About Someone in my clan posted this, I remember back during release the site featured some stuff about WoWs. The advice they gave tho was literal trash tier, 45% Bismarck sniping from the 10 line advice. Typical for most gaming websites tho. Cant say anything else.

Article starts with some generic stuff about WoWs, only the interview part from here:

The port of Hamburg in the game – Why actually?

MeinMMO: Why did you choose the Hamburg shipyard for the event?

Philip Molodkovets: Our game is about warships, and building a ship is one of the most important phases in a ship's life. However, our players see ships already built in the game. So we decided to let players build their own ship. We really like this concept and we wanted to improve on the previous version of the event.

However, the shipyard needs a ship to build: Among several variants, we decided on the battleship "Odin". This was under development at the time, was perfect for building in the shipyard and would be appreciated by the players. Furthermore, the ideal location for building a German ship is of course the port of Hamburg. In this way, all the elements of the puzzle were put together to form the final idea for this event.

MeinMMO: Will there be other ports and shipyards in the future, for example the Royal Navy Headquarters in Portsmouth?

Philip Molodkovets: The shipyard is one of the latest unusual events in our game. The idea of building a ship is something we and the players like very much. That's why we will definitely be holding similar events in the future. Now, as far as the location of the future shipyards is concerned, we unfortunately cannot give you any details yet, but I assure you that the new shipyard will be no less impressive than Hamburg.

MeinMMO: The idea of "building" the 2 ships via directives is great. Do you plan to bring more such "building projects" for other premium ships in the future?

Philip Molodkovets: As we have already said, there will definitely be new shipyards. What remains unchanged, however, is the idea of building a ship. The structure, the rules of the event and the rewards may look completely different in the future. We are learning our lessons and trying to improve our events every time.

MeinMMO: Which details were important when rebuilding the Hamburg shipyards? Which landmarks will a Hamburg resident recognize immediately?

Philip Molodkovets: A Hamburg citizen from the middle of the 20th century would certainly feel familiar in this environment. After all, our shipyard is located in the same place where the original stood, albeit in a slightly altered form.

In detail, our main concern was to design and implement the details that ensure the construction process: the dry dock itself, access roads, construction cranes, warehouses and workshops where the ship elements are manufactured.

As for the landmarks of Hamburg, which are visible from the harbour and the shipyard, there are some that you would recognize immediately. For example the steeple of St. Michaelis Church, the Bismarck statue or the Speicherstadt.

"Strange cruisers" and "blueprint ships" – The challenges of game design

MeinMMO: One of the ships you can buy is the "Admiral Graf Spee". This ship was a famous mixture of a cruiser and a battleship, a so-called "vest pocket battleship". What were the main challenges in the game design of a ship that is clearly a mixture of two different classes of battleships?

Philip Molodkovets: Such a ship has to take on the characteristics of two types of ships at the same time and have a fairly specific gameplay. But it should be in balance with its classmates. Therefore, the difficulty is to adjust the characteristics of the ship so that its concept and unique features are preserved, but not too strong or too weak.

For example, "Admiral Graf Spee" has a powerful 283mm cannon with a good range, but the guns have a very low rate of fire. And for its large number of hit points, the ship pays with low maneuverability and speed. The development of such ships is complicated by the fact that such ships combine the characteristics of two types, but within the game they belong to only one class and to a certain extent they have to meet the expectations of the players of that type.

A fast battleship armed with guns more like cruisers should still be well armored and do solid damage to enemies through the volley. And a cruiser, even with powerful guns and a large number of hit points that are more typical of a battleship, should still be a universal ship that can perform a variety of combat tasks due to its features and consumables. All these factors together make creating such ships a very interesting challenge in terms of game design.


MeinMMO: How was the player's performance and feedback to the "Admiral Graf Spee"? Did your concept work as you hoped it would?

Philip Molodkovets: "Admiral Graf Spee" is a cruiser with a very unusual gameplay: Strong 283mm guns, many hit points and low maneuverability make it more of a battleship than a cruiser. However, we managed to make this ship interesting and balanced, and players generally liked it because of its combat capabilities.

MMO: With the Battleship "Odin", you've chosen to create a ship that never existed in the real world, based solely on blueprints and project data. What is the biggest challenge with such "design ships"? Are these ships easier or more difficult to implement into the existing structure of the game?

Philip Molodkovets: Reconstructing a real ship and designing a ship based on a "blueprint" are different but equally complex tasks: The main difficulty in reconstructing a historical ship is to adapt it exactly to its prototype. In the case of a ship that was only a project, the main difficulty is to create a ship as the designer intended it, on the basis of fragmented documents within the framework of the technologies and national characteristics of shipbuilding at the time.

MMO: Why did you choose a rather unknown design ship in the first place, instead of bringing ships into the game that really existed in the past and haven't been implemented yet?

Philip Molodkovets: The ships in World of Warships are primarily designed for gameplay. So the creation of a new ship always starts with the game design. This time we wanted to create a German battleship with a non-standard gameplay: a well armored melee ship, with artillery of smaller caliber than that of the classmates, but with a great fire rate for a battleship. The project on which we built the "Odin" was best suited for such purposes. In reality, this project didn't get beyond the prototype cannons, but we were able to implement it in our game, which we think is as great as the replica of real ships.

MyMMO: World of Warships is known for its historical accuracy. But how much of that must be sacrificed to achieve a balanced game? Or in other words: When does historical accuracy have to give way to practical decisions in game design?

Philip Molodkovets: We try to maintain historical accuracy in every aspect of the game where it doesn't harm the course of the game. Even when we design ships that never actually existed, we rely on the documents and features of shipbuilding of that time. It goes without saying that there are many assumptions in our game, but they are often related to the game mechanics.

It will be difficult to list them all, so I will limit myself to a few examples: The distances and speeds of the ships in our game are scaled so that the battles last 20 minutes instead of days, as was the case in reality. Or, for example, the ships in our game have endless ammunition, which of course was not the case in reality. Another example: Radar in WoWS is not a system that is present on most ships, but an ability that is present on certain ships that a player can activate for a short time.

These and many other conventions are necessary to ensure that the game is entertaining and captivating while maintaining historical accuracy and the spirit of sea combat.

Fans of World of Warships can show up anywhere

MeinMMO: For your projects you have to work closely with historians and museums. There you might meet people who have perhaps never played computer games before. What was the funniest or most exciting anecdote you can tell about such meetings and collaborations?

Philip Molodkovets: Now it is difficult to remember the anecdote, but your comment on the fact that museum staff often don't play computer games reminded me of a story.

A few years ago we made a documentary film at the German Maritime Museum in Bremerhaven. In the museum we met a young man of school age wearing a Yamato T-shirt. This young man caught our attention because the audience of our play usually belongs to an older age group.

When we talked to him, we found out that he was an avid World of Warships player, and it was his love for the game that drove him to volunteer at the museum. So it's safe to say that some of the museum staff play computer games and some of them even encouraged computer games to choose this kind of work.

MeinMMO: Thanks for the interview.

Edit: God damn, typo, it should be "Odin" ofc :/

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