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Iowa’s and Montana’s missing AA mounts on #2 turret

WorldOfWarships3 - Iowa's and Montana's missing AA mounts on #2 turret

Way back in 2016, American Tier 8+ battleships, North Carolina, Iowa, and Montana, got their 40 mm quad Bofors mount on their #3 turret, but curiously this didn't apply for the #2 turret. Now, it makes sense for North Carolina to omit it, as historically neither North Carolina nor Washington had AA mounts on the #2 turret. However, all South Dakotas and Iowas did have AA mounts on that turret. With Yamato gaining some of her missing AA guns on her turrets a few months ago, I hoping WG can also eventually add them for Iowa and Montana.


  • USS Iowa %28BB 61%29 Preps - Iowa's and Montana's missing AA mounts on #2 turret
    Iowa 1944
  • USS Missouri transfers - Iowa's and Montana's missing AA mounts on #2 turret
    Iowa 1945

Regarding the specific AA mount on the #2 turret, Iowa-class ships had a quad 40 mm Bofors mount on their #2 turret for the entirety of their World War 2 service, with the exception of the Iowa herself; she had a conning tower has an additional lower level due to her flagship duties, and this resulted in the turret mounting three 20 mm Oerlikon guns instead, as the lower profile of those mounts would still allow for adequate forward visibility. See reference pictures above. Meanwhile, all of her sister ships have a quad 40 mm Bofors mount on the #2 turret, as exemplified by the Missouri. The Oerlikons on all ships were removed after World War 2 due to their ineffectiveness against faster jet aircraft. The 40 mm Bofors mounts (including the ones on the turrets) were retained into the Korean War and were planned to be replaced by 3”/50 AA mounts in the mid-1950s but the ships were mothballed before that could happen.



  • 3lvczr71x6601 - Iowa's and Montana's missing AA mounts on #2 turret
    Montana in hypothetical 1945 configuration
  • image.png.1d79beb1beb5d11f2ab6f5a72ca90f6f - Iowa's and Montana's missing AA mounts on #2 turret
    Iowa and Montana comparison

For Montana, I suppose either a quad 40 mm Bofors mount or 20 mm Oerlikons could work. Currently, the ship looks bizarrely asymmetric, with the #3 turret having a quad 40 mm Bofors and the #2 turret having nothing at all. When looking at the design drawings it appears that the conning tower sits one level lower than on the Iowa-class ships (see comparison diagram above) so if we want to be more authentic then we may have to settle for 20 mm Oerlikon mounts for the same reason as for the USS Iowa herself, even if a quad 40 mm Bofors mount would look more symmetrical. That said, given that Montana would likely have been commissioned in late 1945, visibility of the lower conning tower level may not have been as essential as additional AA firepower. Either way, 40 mm Bofors or 20 mm Oerlikons, I think it’s better than having nothing at all.

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