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Is it not time to step-up? (Santa gift container controversy)

WorldOfWarships1 - Is it not time to step-up? (Santa gift container controversy)

Important disclaimer: Please everyone remember that the people we talk to from Wargaming are not the ones who decide to pull stuff like this. It is the higher-ups who never have to deal with the shit we give all community managers and developers who actually do try their hardest to give us a fun game, which we all love. So please stay civil to them if any of them decide to weigh in on this post.

TLDR: According to EU regulations, this false advertising is illegal and actually punishable by massive fines. Besides all the morally questionable choices the executives at Wargaming make, they finally also crossed legal lines. Will we sit back again, make a little fuss on Reddit, and then move on, or will we finally say this is the line and actually hit them in the only place that hurts them and they truly care about: their wallet?

Hello everyone,

Let's start off with me saying I am not writing this as a fed-up player that has been around for 4 years. I am writing this as someone who is just mad about the fact that WG is now just straight-up breaking EU regulations by having indisputable blatant false advertisement on their new Christmas loot boxes.

This morning I decided to spend 61 euro on 20 of the biggest loot boxes, something I had already planned to do. This decision however was fueled by being told I would get a chance to get one of the shiny T9s or strongest T8s. This advertising also encouraged me to spend the doubloons I got out of them of a further 8 containers of each of the smaller containers.

The most important part here is that their advertising of being able to get these ships OUT OF THE SANTA CRATES THEMSELVES (as the text says describing said boxes) is the only reason I got these crates. I imagine this is the case for 90% of people buying these boxes.

For me and all of you here, there are also the majority of players who never read up about the game, they just play. They know nothing about these crates not containing the ships they are promised to have a chance of getting. So even though we think we are having an impact by only posting a warning, Wargaming in reality will still get most of the profits they were going to get from this.

Now it is up to us to do with this information what we want. We can be mad for a bit and then roll over again like we always do. Or we can take action.


I suggest we give Wargaming some time to fix this issue, by compensating affected players and redoing the boxes to actually contain what they are promised to contain.

If they do not do this or fix this in a Wargaming way like by quickly adding a hyperlink in the box description leading to a page where they explain they actually do not contain what is promised (Just in case of this happening I already took screen recordings of how it looks now, and I encourage more of you to do this). I suggest we take the following course of action:

  1. I am not lying when I say this is illegal and a case that cannot be lost by a good law firm. There are many that would jump at the opportunity to take on a case like this, as there is big money to be made in these corporate lawsuits. Or we take an approach that is more laid back in option 2.
  2. There are many forums out there with way more reach than this subreddit. I suggest we call in
    gaming - Is it not time to step-up? (Santa gift container controversy)
    r/gaming and other big ones to actually spread this information around. This way we can do what we always do, but with the added benefit of finally actually having an impact. the people over there also hate practices like this with an unrivaled passion. On top of this we could also reach out to some gaming journalists, that would love a juicy story like this.

I honestly think this false advertising is a scandal that could rival the Battlefront 2 fiasco by EA, It is up to us if we want to do something with this, now that Wargaming has decided to cross yet another line.

I would like to read all your thoughts on this, so please weight in in the comments.

EDIT 1: i understand I need to provide back-up. The regulation i am talking about can be found here:

It is in chapter 2, section 1 article 6. I think point B is most relevant to this case, as well as the general description of the section.

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