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Is it time to strongly reduce or even remove CV plane spotting?

WorldOfWarships2 - Is it time to strongly reduce or even remove CV plane spotting?

One of the main problems with the old CVs was being able to spot large areas of the map without taking many risks.

However there was the possibility to reduce the spotting factor with the use of fighters.

In competitive gameplay the spotting was less extreme compared to now since both CVs were good players that zoned each others planes to reduce the overall spotting.

In randoms however, completely onesided spotting was possible. The permaspotted team then usually lost.

The possibility that the CVs zone each others planes with fighters is now almost gone.


Right now every single ship that relies on concealment is having a really hard time.

After around 40 seconds every ship has been spotted. This leads to unfun lemmingtrains and blobs.

The excessive spotting is still one of the major reasons why playing against a CV is totally unfun.

CVs shouldn't be able to deal the most damage AND do the most spotting at the same time.

Since most CV players would be unhappy with dealing the least damage of all the classes, the only solution is to strongly reduce the spotting CVs can do.


Unlike BBs (which are the #2 damage dealers after CVs in average) CVs can spot targets far away and deal damage to them. This is low risk – high reward gameplay, which is unfair for the surface ships. A Battleship that is sniping from maxrange is also low risk gameplay, but also low reward. The effectiveness of a sniping battleship isn't very high:

  • BB hit way less shells at range

  • The shot ships can get undetected as long as no other ship is spotting them. That is the reason the backline sniping BBs usually have low winrate.

  • permaspotted ships can angle or hide behind an island


A Battleship pushing into closer ranges is Medium-high risk and Medium-high reward. At that ranges BBs do punishing deletions on cruisers hurtful salvos on spotted destroyers. But at those ranges there's the risk of getting crossfired, torped or spammed to death by HE-spammers.

Some CV players will now say "but CVs risk losing planes". This is no real risk because:

  • You won't run out of all planes now, even if you do massive misplays you are still alive and can at least do spotting for your team after you got some planes again.

  • As long as your CV is alive the team does not lose any points.

  • Theoretically your "deplaned" CV can still cap, be a damage sponge for your team and do the same things a ship with broken main turrets could do.


proposed changes:

  • reduce plane range: This way CVs need to bring themselves in slightly risky situations.

  • remove spotting from all planes except spotter planes: By doing this CVs would also need to rely on teammates spotting for them like BBs and cruisers.

  • give the CV more control over his ship: with the changes the CV need to bring themselves in more risky positions, so it would make sense to be able to activly use consumables again instead of having the automatic damage control.

  • maybe give the planes a consumable to spot ships for a short amount of time: This way the CV can strike a ship that got undetected right before he wants to strike. However the CV needs to evaluate if it's worth it to use one of the limited consumable charges


Another problem is that surface ships cannot use their "skill" properly against CVs.

  • The CV player can reduce the damage his planes are taking by avoiding the AA clouds, but the surface ship needs to rely on RNG to defend itself.

By buffing the continuous AA damage of the surface ship it would be totally unfair for the CV.

A solution for this would be to make AA more like a active minigame where both parties can use skill to outplay the enemy.


This is my opinion, don't feel offended. I hope we can have a constructive discussion instead of instant downvoting.

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