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I have always been a huge fan of naval warfare, and naval peace. From the sinking of the Vasa, to the retrieval of the Apollo missions, warships have become infamous for many reasons.

Wargaming, however, seems to often skip over many famous warships and classes in favor of ships that bare similarities to other tech trees, regardless of ability or respective era.

Also, notably, is that Premium ships tend to be very specific vessels of historical importance (except for a few cases, i.e. lead ships of the class like the Bismarck, being standard and not premium). However, even as an American, I find it troubling that some nations are not thoroughly represented in a fair light. Irrespective of sides, men fought bravely for their countries in conflicts across the gloves, and they, and their vessels, deserve recognition.

With that being said, I hope that the Wargaming gods add the Italian Zara class heavy cruisers into the game. They participated in many heavy engagements during the Mediterranean Theatre conflicts of World War II, and are just gorgeous ships in general. I, for one, am actually a bit offended that the Duca D'Aosta made it into the game, yet the Zara and Pola are neglected, despite their infamous engagements with the Royal Navy during 1941.

Do not get me wrong, having the Italian Navy is going to be tricky, given how small it was, and how few ships of most tiers are actually in existence historically, but if one is to include the Italians, one must truly include the Italians. I'm sure there are more ships that I am even unaware of, but ships like the Zara and Pola are infamous in WWII history.

Then again, it has taken WG some 4 years to add British aircraft carriers, so perhaps the Italian line is on its way, and we just need to be patient.

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Check out this page on the Zara class. Really interesting ships.

Cheers, captains!

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