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It’s been a year and here is my experience so far.

WorldOfWarships2 - It's been a year and here is my experience so far.

Today is exactly one year since my first battle, and I think it's not a bad idea to share my thoughts as a relatively new player to the game. Boy was that a wild ride.

TL;DR at the bottom

I'll just quickly say my thoughts on beginning, since I wasn't very immersed back then: Started playing German cruisers, cause friend was playing battleships and I wanted to support him and team. Played very casually, grinding 1-2 daily boxes a day, sometimes even just one. In next few weeks, update 0.8 hit with the CV rework. Since I was very much a newbie, I didn't really care since I didn't play them. Time went on and I continued my cruiser grind and started the german battleship grind too.

But that was all months ago. What's important is, how the game feels now.

The game.. is amazing, not gonna lie, I fell in love with it and I enjoy playing it, especially with my friends. It's fun and it's entertaining. I love the gameplay, the tactical decisions, butt clenching moments when dodging torps or enemy shells. Still though, each coin has 2 sides, with all the good, comes something bad. I will elaborate on things that are concerning me, and things I'm happy with

Let's take a look at things I'm not satisfied with:

CV Rework:

Yes, it's been here for quite some time, and it still ruins games. CV ruins games, and whenever I get a match with no CV, I feel blessed. CVs ruin any kind of positioning. (Small example: I played in Shokaku in a somewhat weird T8-T10 match. Enemy Des Moines took a strong position near an island, denying DDs push trough middle and watching middle cap. He was dead in 2-3 DB strikes. I thought that this is just wrong. CV punished good crusier positioning, while also being 2 tiers under. And the spotting they do is just insane.

All in all, I hate CVs. I got myself all the way up to Haku, so I know how it feels to play as and against. Playing against it is frustrating, and playing it is just dirty.

Russian bias:

We've had a statement from WG that they are not biased, and honestly, I don't eat it one bit. Kremlin and Smolensk are reason enough to avoid playing T10, mix in CVs and you have the most unfun tier to play. Not only that, but the nerfs done to Kremlin were so negligible, it feels like they want to appear to be doing something about it, and it's not working. Smolensk wasn't nerfed since it's release, what makes me mad even more, it wasn't even in Public Test. No testing was done and it was just pushed out there on the seas.

And don't get me started on Kuznetsov.


Most games suffer from powercreep, and this one is not exeption. KM lines were completely shadowed by the addition of Russian ships, which made me quite disappointed, but seeng the recent adjustments to KM line, I have high hopes that this might not be a huge issue in the future.

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Ranked and Ranked sprint:

I play mostly sprints, cause they don't frustrate me as much as normal ranked does. The recent addition of 14th ranked season on TX is just rubbing salt in the wound. And both of the points above ruin ranked even more. Kremlin, Smolensk and Haku meta is the strongest in TX, which I feel has the most problems. It's frustrating and super salty.

Why do I play it then? Well, to get some ranked rewards in reasonable time, I have to play it. I could just get some steel once snowflake event hits, but how many times would I have to do snowflake events to buy even the cheapest steel ship? I also understand that I can earn steel with clan battles, and my clan has been trying for weeks, but people are just busy, and we can't get 8 people to play at the same time. Most steel I earned so far were from Super Containers, which is yet another issue.


Super Containers:

I want to like SCs, but I can't. You create something already rare enough to get, and the rewards are garbage. You get a chance for premium ship, but you can also get disappointed with flags. If something is rare enough to get already, why would you make the rewards garbage? Getting one flag 100x is just cancer. At least give like 10 of each flags or something, not just one flag 100x. No need to make it OP, just make the rewards not suck is all I'd love to see.

Well, those are the things that I'm upset with the most. But there are some good things too:


I love doing campaigns, the rewards are nice and I can complete them whenever I want. I feel more campaigns would make a alot of people happy. So far we can get bunch of premium time, Shinonome, Yamamoto and Halsey. The grind is not so easy to do, takes some time and dedication to do, but it's not time limited as some insane grindy events from the past (Benham). Also, the rewards are not dependent on RNG (Like getting ship mission when new line comes out).


Even though feedback might not be WGs best department, I feel like they are doing better and better as the time progresses. People from WG showing up here and giving us feedback or hearing us out when they are doing something we don't want (like the Research Bureau when it first was introduced). There is still some space for improvement though.


Black Friday event, snowflake event, you name it, are quite nice. Yes, not everyone gets a BF ship or premium from santa containers, but they still contain some nice rewards. Heck, the latest anniversary gift in form of T6 premium crate was really nice from WG. Yes, some events are very grindy, pushing back a lot of casual players, but on the other hand, there are other nice rewards during events. Just getting some premium time is nice enough in my opinion.

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Really like colabs. Most of them are anime focused, which not everyone might like, but being the weeb I am, I love them all. The only sad thing is, getting some of the Collab stuff is mostly locked behind a paywall (HSF Ships, Azur Lane commanders)

Before my last message, I have to mention that I haven't given a single penny to Wargaming. I would love to get some premium ships, but I can't bring myself to buy them. I don't think that I want to support what they've been doing so far. Pushing CVs onto us, Russian OP ships, ultra grindy events and other stuff. They have done some good stuff too, but I think the bad overthrows the good. Once I look at Wargaming decisions and decide: "This is good", I'll probably be supporting this game more.

I think I mentioned all I wanted. I have high hopes for WG, and I wish that most stuff people complain about and are upset with gets more attention. I love this game and don't see myself going away anytime soon. We'll see what Wargaming has prepared for us in the future and honestly, I'm looking forward to it.

TL;DR: It's been year, I hate CVs, Russian bias, Powercreep, Ranked and SC rewards, but I also love the Campaigns, Feedback, Events (with exeptions) and Collabs. I have high hopes for WG and despite the negatives, I love this game. Looking forward to what WG has for us in next year of playing.

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