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I haven't made one of these posts in a while, but I thought I might try a new one. With the outgoing of Asashio in 0.10.5., the elusivity and mediocrity of Yuudachi, the choices for Japanese Destroyer trainers and premiums are frankly quite scant. Shinonome is fine but bland, the Harekazes carry the negative stigmas of being "weeb ships" but aren't horrible, and Hayate is probably fun but locked away behind 2 million free XP. Compared to her superficial counterpart the U.S. Navy has had loads of historical high tier destroyers and currently has Kidd, Sims, Monagahan, and Hill in the premium shop which range from quite alright ships to big fats mehs. Needless to say Japan is lagging behind, perhaps along with the premium destroyers of many other nations in the game but that's a topic for another time. So what could be done about this?

(Bare in mind, I don't work at WeeGee and balancing ships isn't my strong suite. I've just outlined rough concepts for premiums that I believe might be enjoyable.

A Proper Japanese Gun Slinger – Hatsuzuki

Hatsuzuki is a premium version of Akizuki that sacrifices her torpedo armament and reload booster, for British Smoke, Hydro, and DFAA. As someone who is a big fan of the British DD line, I thought giving her this combination of consumables would add an interesting flavor to the classic Akizuki, along with giving her the much desired DFAA that Pan-Asian Fen-Yang received. I also do think it would be quite interesting to have a similar consumable heavy concept, perhaps with standard Akizuki smoke and torps at tier IX as either an armory ship or free XP ship. They could even call her Teruzuki if they ended up with both, but as much as some of us love the Akizuki-class, that might be too much.

A More Normal Torpedo Boat – Ayanami


Ayanami works to reintroduce a tier VIII Fubuki, with a playstyle intermediate between Kagerou and Akatsuki. Most of her stats are pulled directly from those ships along with a little bit from Shiratsuyuu. Her torpedoes feature 12 km of range and a reload between that of Kagerou and Akatsuki, to somewhat emulate the speedy torpedo reload of her distant sisters of Fubuki and Akatsuki. With the combination of torpedo reload booster however, she may be too much of a torpedo machine. Regardless, I think such a concept would be a pleasant change of pace from Asashio and Yuudachi's very strange torpedo styles.

Other Possibilities – Nenohi, Matsu, and Oite

Nenohi is the original layout of the Hatsuharu-class with an extra 127mm gun on the bow. This was removed for stability sake IRL but nonetheless I'm a little shocked we didn't get this version of Hatsuharu in the literal gunboat line. She could fit in at either tier VI or VII and I think she would make a pleasant little gunboat with minimal gimmicks.

Oite is my concept for a "new Kamikaze". She features the same rapid fire torpedo design and good guns, but now a tier higher. She probably would need to be balanced a little but you get the gist.

Matsu represents the Matsu-class Destroyers that were the Japanese's very desperate attempt at an intermediate Destroyer and Destroyer Escort. She is an absolutely pitiful ship that would barely break 30 kts, features 3 x 127mm guns, and a single quadruple torpedo tube. My only idea for this ship would be to make her a baby cruiser at tier V, with a combo of Hydro and Main Battery Reload Boost on top of standard Japanese Destroyer consumables and maybe some rapidly rearming torpedo tubes. She could be a really fun and weird mid tier premium if implemented correctly.


The stats on my first two images are extremely rough, but I put them their to help illustrate my ship concepts. Along with these, I would like to mention that I would honestly really like to see some more ships included for their history, such as a non-weeb Yukikaze or Akigumo. Another Yuugumo-class would be highly appreciated as well with impressively serving ships such as Nagami or Takanami, which could be uptiered to X or lowered to VIII with any host of preferably mild gimmicks that are possible. What do you folks think? What kind of Japanese Destroyers might you guys like to see going forward in World of Warships?

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